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The president of Somaliland must disaccord to meet the self-declared and violated forum.


The unauthentic and deplorable recent declared forum of unconstitutional and undemocratic in the capital of Somaliland of Hargeisa seemed very flabbergasted and weakened of the national political Parties of Somaliland, consisting of only three as defined by the constitution of the country Ucid Party, Kulmiye Party and Wadni Party, who are the only opposition bodies or political groups that can only challenge the regime legally.

But, that massive disarray emanated from uninvited or gatecrashers, considered to be disadvantageous groups who politically have no totally support and confidence from their nation, in accordance with the previous elections held in the country that were included separately municipality and presidential in which highlighted non of them was victorious and people of Somaliland determined for their Party and their leader of the country.

Nevertheless, this group augmented the prodigious probity that hastened the political dispute in the country, where there is no genuine mandate referred to their chaos and corruption of political philosophy similar to coup and conflicts influence the nation to have very regrettable bloodbath if not refrain from that nonsense bullying watched by the international communities, specially the neighboring countries of Somaliland for the likes of Ethiopia, who does not want Somaliland peace and stability to fell into the hands of wrong people.

Although, the country once considered the most democratic and positive of unrecognized nation, now will possibly face very wrong and serious challenge with individuals who are not member of the three political Parties the country have. This late unrest and deterioration in a reference of outlawed group will result unwanted destabilization and obstacles of very hostile environment in the future time, if that deliberate infringement be avoided quite responsibly or not ceased any political row of unconstitutional and undemocratic, if this precaution will not be taken seriously. The country will encounter very immediate and bad consequences that set back or destroy the huge rebuilding of the country and the wide shinning livelihood of the innocent population of former war-ravaged republic of Somaliland almost two decades ago, that the international communities also put a lot of efforts to be very safe and secure territory situated in the horn of Africa that strategically very significant for the world interest in spite of commercial and commodities travel around the global safely through the red sea of Somaliland.

However, discontented politicians who deeply discomfited prior want to disband the nation, the law and order and the discipline and protocol of political of the country. It is indeed quite terrible tale of embarrassment and also unprofessional of political nature of unfair and immature procedure to compete and challenge legally the leader of the country. It is profound belligerent and paranoia less than three years defeat of your presidential election loss to organize illegal and unconstitutional groups for the intent of hatred and hostility against civilization of the world as well as your country of Somaliland.

Devoid of undignified and political incitement attempts with desperation of desolation completely damages the whole procedure of the country socially, economically and politically with severe unnecessary brutality of peculiar opportunism and careless of respect for the national interest of this Somaliland Country. Collectively, it is much better to research your previous defeats and what resulted, in order to have very enormous political come back and to be free from all negative characteristics that population makes to turn away for good and voted your political program due to your inappropraite conduct for the time being politically.

The question here is, what is the main motive of this group and why the circumstance force them making illegally creation of shambolic felony of irrational concept, rather than caring for the rule and regulations of the country, that nobody dares to harm that and breach the constitution knowingly.

Obviously, the ninety nine percent of Somaliland population are very satisfied and most welcomed tremendously the developments and services, that the elected regime in 2010 established with great courage and knowledge of better professionalsim that leads the nation essentially a better position, in terms of the projects implemented for that short period of this reign. The infrastructure of the country have been innovated and brought a certain level that similar to the advanced countries, including Ports, Airports, Customs, Roads, Ministries buildings and the demandable level of governmental staffs skills improved with training of inside and outside of the country to deliver very quality services, and the national security that frequently has been prioritized and deeply strengthened quite significantly to ensure international communities, how Somaliland regime is committed and dedicated to put every thing in place to make the universal better place.

Fortunately, more couple of years Somaliland will prove to secure very excellent, reliable developments with further and strong relations for the international communities, specially the countries in the region. Because, the government is already very close to drill the reserve resources of the country that consist of Gas, Oil and Petroleum as well as many other minerals of Paint, Lime and Cement that country is now preparing its production to improve the life of the nation that already recovered unemployment, bad social security and many more.

Conclusively, the president of Somaliland must disaccord to have direct talks with unconstitutional and undemocratic forum that violated the better performance of the constitution and a way to abide by it often, so as to respect the good will of the nation.

A nation that decides its future can not afford to be ruined by individuals who were politically denied by their own nation for the reason of not fit on purpose for the current time and voted against them, in favor of the current leader of the country Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo, who definitely has showed magnificent leadership with the typical mentality of western world, where he was educated as brain-wave Economist.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan John

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