Immoral implies behaving in a way that violates one’s conscious morality and failure to live with moral values, Part 4

| October 10, 2017

maqaal3-150x150This is a series of facts I have experienced socially from people I personally associated with them in the past, some of them way back to 70ts and some of them over a number of years. This series of article are free from any political motivation, but addressed to a number of persons I have personally close to them in a number of years. The same is free from any fiction and doubts. The same is also free from self imagination and invented stories. In this article, I will enlighten the definition of immoral persons and their common behaviour. In every part of the world people are two categories, people with moral value and those who short of moral value known us immoral guys. A person with good moral may be poor financially, but could be rich by heart. Contrary, immoral could be rich financially, but poor by heart. Morality in general concerns the difference between right and wrong. Immoral mean the intentional violation of accepted principles of right and wrong. Something that is considered Immoral is often considered serious or a blatant violation of accepted conduct or behavior in society.


It means not influenced by right and acceptable standards. An immoral person fails to live up to those moral standards. Immoral means contrary to established moral principles. Immoral actions are corrupt, unethical, sinful, or just wrong. Immoral mean failing adhering moral standards. Immoral signifies the violation of a socially or personally accepted standard of human conduct. Thus, Immoral largely depends on the individual’s personal or spiritual beliefs. Immoral acts are not commonly associated with any particular group, body, profession or role. Instead, it deals with the ultimate conduct of humans in general. Moral is a career that carries with at all times and gone had anyone commit against moral laws. Morality and immorality is based on the maintenance of balance. Being moral and immoral can be understood as two opposite actions as there is a clear difference between moral and immoral actions.


n any society, morality plays a key role. Being moral is when an individual is concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior. Being immoral moral person follows the standard behaviour of the society, but Immoral is negative in the eyes of the society. There are two kinds of pride, good and bad. ‘Good pride’ represents our dignity and self-respect. Bad pride which is when compromises your moral value. Human being in any part of the world equipped with natural default obligatory values or a natural sensor that enables us to differentiate the right from wrong, but these are short from immoral persons. Immoral persons are figures in the society. Stealing someone or lying is typical examples of immorality. Moral is something one can buy from the market being inbuilt character. A good name is short from immoral persons. Good image is short from immoral persons. Good quality is short from immoral persons. Summing up, immoral persons are short of mandatory values, they are short of dignity, short of respect, short of trust, short of honour, short of any good deeds, short of good pride, short of identity and short of prestige. Part 5 will next day.


Ismail Lugweyn


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