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Tax is the rent we pay to run a country effectively

Property-TaxTaxes are the essential services that we depend to help us get our daily lives. The major function of the tax system is to raise revenue and to fund government expenditure in a manner that supports economic and fiscal goal.  It is mandatory contributions paid by Somaliland citizens to the government in an effort the government accomplish a series of objectives. Despite this, some citizens ask themselves, why they should I pay tax?  In response to this question, commonsense which is shared commodity makes us to belie,there is a price everything we buy from the market, likewise tax is the rent we pay running stable country and as result, there are plenty of sound reasons why Somaliland citizens have to pay government tax. Across the world, taxes are recognized the most important source of government revenue and play crucial roles in helping in the development of various governments sponsored projects for better performance.

It builds the nation and as a result, when the government did not have enough funds the basics necessities like roads, schools and hospitals, our internal security, our national security, we cannot provide the essential services to the public as funds earned from tax are the key source of funds for running the government and indeed tax contribute to Somaliland government revenue. Virtually, Somaliland government use the money collected through taxes to run the country as capital money is required for the all development activities of the country. We pay tax for the infrastructure development our country which is an essential requirement for the public.

 Without citizens contributing to the country by way of taxation, the basics of our everyday lives will not be able to work properly as the taxes collected from tax payers have enable us to run the country effectively.  Moreover, Somaliland population being in rise, year after year, this population increase creates the need to have more revenue in effort meet the increase demands of services from the public. If our revenue increases, we will see faster improvements the lives of our people that makes Somaliland feel strong sense of pride.. Each and every Somaliland citizen has the responsibility to pay the tax as everyone from us directly or indirect benefits the taxes we pay to the government.

Throughout the world, a tax is a compulsory levy imposed by government from tax payers. Taxes enable the government to amass money and meet the expenses. Somaliland government is committed improving the well-being and living standards of all citizens through productive, sustainable and inclusive growth. The governments provide public services such as police services and roads to the public. Additionally, the government also pays the salaries of civil servants. We all want from the government services such as better education, more policing and better roads and all these things cost money.

This is the reason why we pay taxes to the government and as consequence, paying taxes is considered a civic duty to Somaliland citizens.  Taxes are also used to fund many types of government a program required for the public and the source to facilitate the nation functioning effectively Taxation is required by any government in order raise revenue to finance government spending. It deals with demand in the economy to help meet the government’s macroeconomic objectives.

Without paying tax, we cannot have safety in our streets, in our markets, in our shopping centres and in our houses. Without paying tax, we will not have glass towers in many parts of Somaliland, we will have thousands of companies across Somaliland, we will not build thousands of beautiful houses across Somaliland, and we will not sleep peacefully in our houses

and as a result, every Somaliland citizen benefits either direct or indirectly the taxes we to the government.  Somaliland government needs revenues in order to accomplish its responsibilities to the pubic .

The government collects taxes, fees and other charges for this purpose under the laws adopted by Somaliland Parliament and as a result, all Somaliland citizens have to contribute their share of funding for government services. In the absences of not paying tax, we will live like the age of strongman whereby the muscle determines the right and the weak has no right. This situation existed before mankind civilization which was  thousands years before BC.  Zooming up, there is no country without citizens paying tax to the government.

Ismail Lugweyne.

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