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All Dictator’s Administrations Ends In Futile ( Abdi-shotaly).Jan 16.19

All Dictator’s Administrations Ends In Futile ( Abdi-shotaly)!
 History is rewriting by its self, which indicates that all soldiers are empty and mindless, no matter who is he, where he came from? or what nationality he/she got it. They always tried to rule with total power over a country, all having some sort of typical mental sickness ( Power Love), like that of Somali Provisional Region called Somaliland. If I give you a very clear example of these dictators, you would not be realised, he is the one who robbed the  general presidency election of Somaliland.  Surprisingly, he and his followers I.e the Other soldier that they call him Mr Kahin, are came to power unexpectedly, to put our country reserves in a bankruptcy hell, and whether you agree or not, our valuable inhabitants are dying with no any logical, assessed way of reasoning, The life of human validity, freedom of speech, sovereignty of expressing something, are all gone to grave , e.g if Some body indicates something wrong or not good, they automatically took away its responsibility from him like that of Mr Abdirhman Abdilqadir, Jama Tiger ( Jama Shabeel), Mr Buuni Of Ucid Party.
There are so many signs that shows us, these people in somaliland administration at the moment, are the worst of the bad lot. They selected the most ignorant and weakest individuals of all times, even during the ex-dictator of Siyaad Bare.  if you look at his ministers, you will find that all of them become in place for family a basis, with no qualifications what so ever. Dictators always collects those who are in their favourite corruptors, dishonest,  who acts on mercenary motives without regard of honour, unlawfully uses the national wealth of natives, injustice is something normal to him or them. A corrupt politician is the one who originally honest for his succumbed temptations ad uses techniques of so many questionable practices, lacking all kinds of native integrity and moralities. Their only objectives or aims is to deceive his own people deliberately, causes to believe something that is not true but for his own beneficial of personal gains only.
In short and the conclusion of this article is, reality is worth than any thing. as history is repeating it self again and again, 100% of dictator’s administrations ends in Vain, disaster or catastrophe that causes great damage, lost of lives and no hope, population hatings with no ending hostilities among the inter-clans of any societies on the globe, civil wars and so on. My honoured friends in Somaliland, I am deadly sure, these people who call them selves the administrators of Somaliland, are not supposed to be in chair, they have no clue of sense, aware of what is going around and conscious of their behaviour, even they do not understand the wishes of our beloved people. See those ones they call Ministers of Information and cultural heritage, who insulted Somaliland girls openly in his bloody book ( Called them prostitutes), others such as Transport & Interior Ministers, head of police, head of military ranks, head of Justice or all those in Somaliland offices, From A-Z they are rubbish insectivores of honey mongers and non-square Zeros. In order to count down what I want to say and finish this article with few more words, I hope you to activate your brain and be all what you can be, which is to overthrow this illegal robbers of our country.
  • N.B Thinking twice is a human integrity before you lost your way.
  • By Abdi-Shotaly.
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