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Weekly meetings being a tool to measure success & powerful mechanism, Somaliland cabinet hold their executive 29 session on 7 of February, 2019 as part of a series of weekly meetings and taken clear-cut decisions

Somaliland government weekly meetings are intended to keep everyone in the cabinet informed up to date by joining forces within government to exchange ideas, brainstorm ideas, goals, review progress and ensure that everyone in the cabinet on the same page. Somaliland governments meetings intended to strengthen government performances and efficiency. Additionally,    potential part of the government weekly meetings intended to get feedback on earlier sessions and take the appropriate decision with regard the same.   The 29 session meeting which was held on 7TH of February, 2019 was chaired by Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi siting on his side by Somaliland viceAbdirahman Abdullahi Ismail Zeili. As usual, various government miniseries have participated this session whereby a number of cabinet members have spoken this session for the areas of major concern. The president has welcomed the cabinet members for this consultancy schedule meeting to review government progress and highlight areas of major consideration. Three chief speakers spoke the meeting.

Ministries spoken the 29  session  Topics discussed and spoken  
Minister of planning and national development, Mr. Cawale ibrahim shirwac. Topics the minister has spoken is detailed on next column. The minster briefed the cabinet members the mayor projects on-going in Somaliland funded by Somaliland development fund (SDF) European union (EU), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and other international agencies that extends assistance to Somaliland development. These developing projects contributes very valuable support and assistance the policy formulated by Somaliland government which is intended to improve the living conditions of Somaliland people that the current Somaliland  government has succeed implementing visible progress on various domains relevant the living standards of Somaliland people like water, health, education and roads.   The minister also update the cabinet that other countries willing to join Somaliland development fund as these countries  gained the trust and the transparency policy Somaliland government manages the fund as good reputation speaks to you on your absences, more valuable than money, makes more customers.    Reputation being is in the hands of others, represent our interpretation on others, this government good reputation is what influenced other countries to join Somaliland development fund in view of above.Somaliland expressed deep appreciation for the productive engagement of Somaliland donor countries that extends valuable assistance to Somaliland people. The world is like one family and this why Somaliland donor countries extends support to Somaliland people. Also the minister emphasised the vision of new tomorrow as the back bone for good work is doing your best today. Future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare and good plan today will generate better tomorrow. Every good thing Somaliland accomplishes the rest of the world.
Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Hasan Mohamed Gafadhi. Topics the minsiter has spoken is detailed on next column   Livestock sector being the largest contributor livelihoods for Somaliland people and generates great part for Somaliland economy, the minster of livestock and fisheries explained the cabinet the number of projects which are underway which the ministry intended to   improve Somaliland livestock like improving the productivity of the livestock sector and the ministry future plans intended to boost the living conditions of Somaliland pastoral societies. The minister highlighted the following areas which are necessary to advance of our livestock as these sources improving our livestock sector.     

  1. Somaliland government guidelines with regards Somaliland livestock sector.
  2. Somaliland government guidelines with regards improving, boosting, developing Somaliland livestock sector.
  3. Somaliland government guidelines with regards our milk standards like hygiene.
  4. Somaliland government national policy and strategy with regards Somaliland livestock sector.
Somaliland Solicitor General. Abdi-Samad Omar Maal. Somaliland solicitor general explained in front of the cabinet the guidelines of the Solicitor general office and distributed the components of the guidelines to the cabinet members.   
This session meeting has generated fruitful outcome. Everyone likes to be wined, this session has sourced big for the entire participants as good meetingdesign future relationship. Successful meeting   is proportion of the efforts applied. Where there is desire, there is ability and ability has no school. Good things work generates the best those who make the best how things work out and when your wishes are strong enough, you will appear possessing the power to accomplish success as achievements connected with actions. A dream becomes a goal when you have action and the ambition toward its achievement. Nothing can stop willing heart to gain success as desire is greater than any obstacles As clear agenda in advance source meaningful clear cut result, this session meeting has generated all cabinet members are in same track as success breeds another  success.


History is written by people who attend meetings, stay until the end, and keep the minutes, said by a wise person. A meeting is like mixing two chemical agents that sources both agents   transformed in better product.

Ismail Lugweyne

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