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Somaliland and UAE close relationship is like two oak trees that grow separately, but their roots are fitted in same soil ingredients which mean same vision,common interest and shared values.

Somaliland president Muse Bihi has Abdi returned home concluding four `day official visit to United Arab Emirates. UAE government has honored Somaliland president special jet to come to UAE and return back to Somaliland.  On arrival UAE government has honored Somaliland president a guard of   honor which is only provided to head of states. During the meeting, the two sides, UAE and Somaliland have discussed various issues of mutual interest and benefit for the two countries. The discussions affirmed Somaliland and UAE relationship that based peep values in many areas of critical interest.  The meetings between the two countries centered investments opportunities, trade, regional and international security, livestock trade, energy cooperation and people to people cooperation .The president had fruitful talks with top UAE leadership.

The meetings between the two sides have generated an increasing appetite for close relationship between the two countries. In reality, this historic visit has elevated the relationship between UAE Somaliland that existed way back over century. Peace, democracy, stability and strategic location made Somaliland as one of preferred investment destinations in one of Africa and Africa in general. Somaliland president visit to UAE is termed as a big success. Somaliland is country of the Horn of Africa that located strategic geopolitical landscape.  This is why international political players showing interest establishing close ties with Somaliland. The two people, UAE and Somaliland were friendly over decades. The relationship between and UAE and Somaliland is like two oak trees that grow separately, but their roots are fitted in same soil which mean shared interest.

 The two countries are connected decades of intense economic and cultural relations. Trust between the two people is the glue of life. The two countries have good trade relations that automatically translated good diplomatic relationship  Somaliland and UAE have same religion, same culture, same political direction, same political interest, same political orientation, share close landscape that promotes a sense of true friendship. This special relationship is based the interest of the people. This close relationship has created cooperation, mutual interest and friendship between the two countries. The geopolitics in the regions has influenced establishing political alliances between Somaliland and UAE which is based the interest of the two people. There are myriad factors that promote close relationship between two countries. Somaliland president official visit to UAE has established unprecedented relationship with UAE. This distinctive relationship has generated an integrated policies in the region and beyond.

This close relationship promoting towards maintaining and strengthening trade, security, investments and deeper cooperation between the two countries that serves the interest of the two people.  Maintaining peace, stability and regional security generates the interest of the two people as these the major pillars of economic prosperity and regional stability. Maintaining friendly cooperative relations with UAE is the basis of Somaliland foreign policy. This close relationship promotes mutual understanding by gradually building up interchanges in such fields as trade, culture, investment and regional security. Somaliland and UAE cooperation is termed heart to heart relationship. Somaliland president official visit to UAE has established political, economic, trade, security and deep rooted foundation which are based mutual trust and consolidating the regional security. Somaliland and UAE close cooperative relationship is above anything else. This is because the leadership of the two countries have common interest and shared values.

  Ismail Lugweyne.

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