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According to geo-political analysis, the strategic importance of Somaliland is much heavier than all Somali territory collectively

Somaliland strategic importance was ignored by world heavy political players, but the reality in the ground has changed everything in the past as world influential powers have released Somaliland strategic importance which is not true in the case of Somali territory collectively. Somaliland has an immense strategic significance to world influential powers. Facts in the ground has generated world influential powers demonstrated bring into effect again strategic interest to Somaliland. Somaliland coast borders the Gulf of Aden that leads to Bab el-Mandeb, a narrow chokepoint through which all maritime traffic from the Mediterranean Sea. Somaliland strategic location is vital for the security in the red sea. The geographical value of the Red Sea – for being the shortest sea lane. At present, million barrels of oil pass the Red Sea every day crossing the Bab-al-Mandab choke-point and then the narrow Suez Canal.
Nearly 12% of the world’s petroleum passes through the Gulf of Aden, which is one of the world’s most important waterway. Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest exporter of crude oil. Protecting the Red Sea is vital interest for global trade. The red Sea and Bab Al-Mandeb Strait, are one of the world’s busiest maritime route also used to transport oil from Middle Eastern producers. Somaliland is located along the Gulf of Aden near the entrance to the Bab al-Mandeb, a major sea-lane through which almost one-third of the world’s shipping passes. Bab el Mandeb Strait is one of the world’s most important chokepoints, only 29km wide at its narrowest point. Somaliland strategic location is considered nation wealth of the nation.
The geopolitical competition in horn of Africa made Somaliland as a vital political player in the region in view of Somaliland strategic location. The Red Sea strategic importance was previously overlooked for its strategic value, but situation is contrary at present. Somaliland has strategic Importance for three continents Africa, Asia and Europe. Berbera port located adjacent to this important shipping lane. The rise of maritime global trade made Somaliland Berbera as regional shipping hub in horn of Africa. The importance of the Port of Berbera as a Red Sea is the gateway for the Middle East and Africa can now be realized, unlocking our potential as a trade hub and creating jobs across the country.
Somaliland strategic importance has increased when canal Suez was opened to navigation on 1869. Horn of Africa is a region that has been at an historical crossroads as traders have travelled through the region, north to south and west to east. World political players in horn of Africa has intensified bringing increased geopolitical competition. Horn of Africa region carries both geographical and political expression. Somaliland strategic importance made Somaliland safe investments destination and this is why DP world has invested Somaliland port Berbera after UAE government has blessed the investment deal. Somaliland sees as friendly, valuable strategic partner and influential regional player. Because of its strategic location and close relationship, UAE has expressed their eagerness to cooperate Somaliland strategically
Iran being planted proxy elements (the Houthis) in Arab peninsular, situation has obliged the GCC countries to counter the shia influence in Arab peninsular. The Saudi-led coalition is pursuing to ease to counterbalance the regional footprint of Iran, which supports the Houthi rebels in Yemen. United Arab Emirates is building a military base in Berbera which will include a coastal-surveillance system. UAE mission is focused to protect trade flows through the Bab el-Mandeb, a key shipping lane used by oil tankers and other cargo vessels en route to the Suez Canal. UAE presences in Somaliland and Eritrea provide strategic locations as the UAE. There is historic connections between the Arabian Peninsula and Somaliland people in terms of trade, logistics and the movement of people
With regard Ethiopia, over long time, Ethiopia wanted an access to the port of Berbera against this backdrop as Berbera port represents a friendly corridor to Ethiopia. Somaliland port of berbera is a factor that sourced shifting the balance of power in the Horn of Africa. The port investments at Berbera will generate further advantages to Somaliland including boosting investor confidence and opening the door for further investment in the future for Somaliland. Somaliland and UAE engaged business in favor for both countries without the concern of Mogadishu as Somaliland regained its independence lost in1960. In the past, Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi dismissed, Somalia’s move banning the UAE ports operator DP World from developing Berbera Port, saying Mogadishu has no jurisdiction over the matter. While Somali president is under mercy of 20,000.00 Africa peace keeping forces and cannot rule one kilometer of the capital, the guy entertaining himself when he is speaking issues which is irrelevant to him. Farmajo has to wake up from his dreams and face the reality in the ground as self-entrainment will not produce him a fraction of benefit.
DP World CEO and Chairman, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said, the declaration by the Federal Government as null and void the shareholding agreement with Ethiopia and Somaliland would not affect the implementation of the concession. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem further said, Somaliland was an independent country and the decision of the Federal Government of Somalia does not concern DP World. The chairman Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem also said, Somaliland is an independent country for more than 28 years and makes its own decision and its parliament approved this project. May 18, 1991 has developed new history in horn of Africa which mean new country known as Somaliland has come up in the world map. Somali leaders in Mogadishu has to live and accept the reality in the ground which substantiates Somaliland and Somalia are two different countries in horn of Africa effective from May 18, 1991. Zooming up, Somali leaders should realize, the mistakes of the past will not be repeated as Somaliland people have paid heavy price and costly to regain their lost independence.
Ismail Lugweyne.

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