Bias of U.N. Security Counci…By:Mohamed Nageeb Ibrahim



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Our deeds act upon us as much as we act upon them and I am writing this article of  help for Somaliland people with whom their rights were deprived by the  decisions made by the U.N. Security Council and I am here  presenting  a different aspect of  Somaliland case which  provides  a clarification on the legal  Status of Somaliland in according to the  871st meeting of U.N. Security Council  held in New York on the  5th  of  July 1960 of which   Resolution 141 (1960)  were  adopted  unanimously. At this meeting , Somaliland was recognised as partner, co-owner of a new  state call  Republic of Somalia.   Sir Pierson Dixon, Representative of  United Kingdom at that time  at United Nation  reported  to the  Security Council on  Somaliland  and  Stated as following :

(53. Sir Pierson Dixon United Kingdom: My delegation is happy to share with the delegation of Italy and the  delegation of Tunisia the honour of sponsoring the application of the Republic of Somalia for membership in the United Nations. This is an occasion which may well go down to history as unique in the annals of the United Nations. We have on more than one  occasion welcomed into the Organization former Trust Territories. We have many times welcomed States which have graduated from dependence to independence. But today we are concerned with the uniting of Somaliland, a former British protectorate-which itself celebrated its independence on 26 June-and Somalia, which has been administered by Italy as a Trust Territory and reached independence on 1 July. On that same day, 1 July, the two independent States of Somaliland and of Somalia freely entered into a solemn partnership: the Republic of Somalia.)

Match has happen  during the union ship which caused  lost of  lives and  ensued a legacy  of  irreconcilable difference between the two states and The partnership  created by Somaliland and Somalia was dissolved when  Burao  congress was convened on 27th April 1991 to reconsider the withdrawal of the act of union and  it was unanimously  decided to restore as of 18th May 1991 the legal status of state of Somaliland, as it existed as 26 June 1960 and as stated by the 871st meeting of United Nation. An executive Presidential System was adopted by the congress and on the 13th May of 2001 a referendum were held in  Somaliland of which  97 percent  have  re-affirmed  Somaliland’s  independence  and  shown  in favoring  of  Somaliland’s sovereignty. In addition to that  Somaliland has successfully held Presidential elections, a parliamentary  election, and several  local elections while  Somalia was  at war with itself  but the  unacceptable  policy  is  the  decision  made by U.N. Security Council of allowing Somalia (former Territory of Italian  administration) to  fill in and be representative of Republic of Somalia. This action taken by the Security Council is demurring the essence of resolution (141) 1960 which clearly substantiated  that the membership seat of  U.N.  belongs to both countries and it should have been  allocate to both countries or restrain it till  an amicable solution is reached by both countries. what followed is the  misconstrue  that propagated   in some  international  arenas  to regard  Somalia ( former Territory of Italian administration ) as to be  the  Republic of  Somalia. We  need to accentuate the importance and elucidate to all international arenas of  its  differences.

Dear readers, please not that all the international  status of the country  were  achieved under the  auspices  Republic of Somalia., my question is, if  Republic of  Somalia  is a made up state of which came to exist of the accession of  Somaliland &  Somalia then, if one withdrawal the  unification and terminates  the  partnership. which country has the  right to  reside the co-owned membership  seats  of United Nation, OAU, Arab League  and  IGAD. It is time for Somaliland to litigate and brought to its case  into the  international courts.

Again referring  to 871 meeting of U.N.  Sir. Pierson Dixon of  United  Kingdom  also confirmed that: (127. The other portion of the nation which seeks admission to the United Nations consists of the former British Protectorate of Somaliland which became independent on 26 June.) It is clear that Somaliland was then admitted as member of U.N. but the  Security Council have not  yet proclaim the recognition of Somaliland  as member.

I  perceive  as bias decision and act of favouritism of one nation to another. It is objectionable policy and an irony to see that U.N.  Security Council implementing the deprivation of rights  Somaliland.  S/PV.871 meeting of U.N. confirms that there was a union of two states  and  more  importantly  that Somaliland was an independent state before the union and has entered into treaties with Great Britain during that period which  contradicts to the ideas of some people, particularly, in  Arabian States who still think of Somaliland as a region seceding  from  Somalia rather than a former independent state withdrawing from a union of two states.

I am  kindly  requesting  from  all the  U.N. members to call for attention to deal this  matter  urgently  before it escalates to an enmity level between Somaliland & Somalia which, of course, in the forthcoming  future could lead to a warring situation. I believe that  Somaliland  has  the  entitlement to  be  admitted  as a member of United Nation as  affirmed by  paragraph 127 of S/PV.871st Meeting of United Nation of which the Resolution 141 (1960) were  adopted.


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Mohamed Nageeb Ibrahim  

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