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Somalia: Human Rights Worker Shot and Killed in Mogadishu

Somalia: Human Rights Worker Shot and Killed in Mogadishu

23 MARCH 2013

Mogadishu, Somalia — A woman working for human rights agency was shot and killed in Mogadishu’s Dharkenley district on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

Media in Mogadishu reported that the woman’s name was Zaynab and was shot and killed by 2 men armed with pistols.

Authorities said that she was shot and killed Saturday morning in Mogadishu’s southern district of Dharkenley for unidentified reasons.

District commissioner Ma’alin Abdulle Ali Hilowle said that the investigation is pending.

“Police authorities are investigating the killing of the woman and we are awaiting a statement,” said commissioner Hilowle.

The commissioner stated that security in the district has improved drastically with many Al Shabaab suspects arrested by authorities. Although Al Shabaab did not claim responsibility the commissioner suspected Al Shabaab of being behind the killing.

This is the third woman to be killed in the past two months.


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