British teenagers convert to Islam

British teenagers convert to Islam

Mar 31, 2013 – No Comment

According to recent studies by British Institute of Gatston, during the last 6 years, the number of Muslims increased by 37% in the UK, and the number of mosques reached nearly 1,500, excluding chapels (Musalla). Hundreds of Britons convert to Islam every month, reports Al-Jazeera.

It is known that an increase of converts is particularly visible in prisons, and among adolescents in schools.

A correspondent of Al-Jazeera visited several mosques and Islamic centers in London and found that there were many teens among the converted parishioners, including those from Brazil, Luxembourg and Sweden.

The correspondent was able to talk to a 12 year-old Alexandra, daughter of Lauren Booth, who is the sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The girl said that her conversion to Islam changed her mother and that she decided to follow her mother’s step. Alexandra became Muslim last Ramadan.

It is to be recalled that every year, about 5,000 Britons convert to Islam. This was reported by a London-based TV presenter and journalist Christian Becker back in summer 2012, according to

“In the UK, five thousand Britons a year converted to Islam. In other European countries, the figures are similar. Surprisingly, most of new Muslims are white women, educated and middle class, and all of them agree that Islam is a great religion that gives them the way of life they do not find in Western civilization, traditional values ​​and women’s roles that have been blurred to a great extent in the Western civilization”, she said.

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