Somaliland : Burao Technical Institute destroyed and left for the wild animals to shelter

Background : Burao technical Institute was built initially by the former West German Government in the early 60s under bilateral Aid to the former Somalia. The project included the construction, training equipment and facilities with expert trainers.

This is what is left of Burao Technical Institute

Until 1974 , the German’s provided the training material cost and partly the running cost of the school. During their stay, they used to select among the trainees, members for Technical trainers courses for their substitution.
After 1974, the German trainers left the country as a result of the Siyad Barre military dictatorship and handed over their tasks to the well trained and experienced local staff counterparts.

The school profile
The school offered one year course of basic metal work training to all students and two years course of :
Automobile mechanics
Machine tools mechanics

The yearly intake of 45 trainees was distributed to the above courses after basic year.
In the third year ,the capacity of the school was 135 trainees with boarding facilities.
The courses offered included physics, General Math’s, Chemistry and English language courses complying with secondary level syllabi. The school was exclusive for males and there has not been any female graduates.
BTI became among the most popular ones in the former Somalia. Some of the top intermediate school graduates used to apply and ,therefore ,the product could show prominence in all fields of engagement even in the private sector. The graduates of Burao Technical Institute have made major successes. During the 1970s and 1980s many of them joined in the construction Era of Saudi Arabia and the other gulf countries while some of them bridged to Europe & America for further studies.

Following is List of some of the most successful businessmen, politicians and leaders who have graduated from the institute:

Leadership of Somali national movement (SNM)
Top officers
1. Mahamed kahin Ahmed
2. Ahmed Maalin Harun
3. Hassan Yonis Habane
4. Hussien Aden (Kharash Yare)
5. Maxamed Hassan (Jidhif)
6. Ismail Abdi Taani

* Vice chairman of parliament (Somaliland )
* Nasir Haji Ali Shire MP

Ministers (or Ex-ministers )

Ahmed Xasan Ali (Asoowe)
Abshir Ahmed Hasan
Ahmed Hashi

Company Managers

• Abdirisaaq sh, Adan Aamin (Telecom Company )
• Abdillahi Jama Muuse ( Qaran Foam factory)
• Hassan Mah’d Egal ( Red sea company )
• Abdirahman osman (Kaah Remittance)
• Husein Elmi Warsame ( Hargeisa Power Egency )
• Ali Omer (Hoor Hoor) (Berbara Port Manager)
• Saceed Ahmed Hassan (Golis University chairman )
• Saceed Sh. Mohamed (Hargeisa College Founder)
• Muse Abdi Ali (Successful entrepreneur )
• Abdirashid Mohamed Farah (Salaama Company )
• Sh. Mustafe haji Ismail (Africa online company )

Technical school Teachers & Instructors

When the Somali government took the socialist system, all the German Teachers went out of the country. It was then the product of this school that replaced & continued since the war took place in 1988. Besides that, most of the Technical &vocational schools in the country were run by Burao Technical Institute graduates .
After the war , people returned back to Somaliland and vocational training flourished which were run by the graduates of the technical training schools of Burao and Hargeisa.
We can summarize that the graduates of the technical schools in Somaliland currently lead the field of the Technical &vocational Education in the country.

Problem statement – the needs of the school .

The school was totally destroyed by the civil war in the late nineties and the structure has been completely scraped. The machines and tools were looted while the metal sheets were sold to foreign countries by looters in 1991. All that is left of the school currently is few concrete walls and the floor cemented foundation. There is no fence or premises to protect the area from livestock or squatters and it is at risk of being built by the private sector for housing.

1. Rehabilitation of the buildings –The space of the school is at risk to be used for other purposes or sold to the private enterprises unless immediate action is taken to rehabilitate the buildings and the fence.

2. Equipment –The school needs new learning and office equipment as all of its previous equipment has been looted during the civil war.

3. Management-Resources of qualified personnel, Training facilities and running cost will be required.

4. Government role-All activities contributing to the subject and the concept should be stamped by the government.

Note : In June 2008 a group of Somalilanders including myself formed a committee in London to fund-raise for the reconstruction of  Burao Technical School . As you may see in the details shown in this site that I created for the school and for purpose of its reconstruction , many Sultans and elders from Somaliland had attended the numerous meetings for the initiative . We were closely  working with Burao development group headed by Mohamud Aden Dhari . In short a short while  , we received information from Somaliland government under the administration of Riyale that the government intended to take  the responsibility of the reconstruction of the school. The news was immediately published in the local papers and  websites . Our committee was very happy to learn that Somaliland government would take the burden of putting the school back into a usable condition. As such , the fundraising for the school was halted before the end of 2008.  I am not sure now about any construction going in the school , but I think politics has played a great part in the delay of the reconstruction of Burao Technical School
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Fundraisng for Burao Technical School 14/6/2008 – Photo by Medeshi
Fundraisng for Burao Technical School 14/6/2008 – Photo by Medeshi


Fundraisng for Burao Technical School 14/6/2008 – Photo by Medeshi