US reiterates support for peaceful, united Somalia
26/04/2013   |   11:36 PM |
تصغير الخطتكبير الخط
WASHINGTON, April 26 SM) — Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s met with President of Somaliland Ahmed Silanyo and reiterated US support for continued dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland authorities.
“Yesterday, Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman met with Somaliland administration President Ahmed Silanyo. Under Secretary Sherman and President Silanyo discussed issues of mutual concern, including stability, democracy and governance, and the need to combat Al-Shabaab”, said the State Department in a statement Friday.
“The United States expressed support for continued dialogue between the Government of Somalia and Somaliland authorities, as took place in Turkey on April 13. The United States reiterated its strong support for a peaceful and united Somalia”, added the statement.
Somaliland is a non-recognized self declared state that is internationally classified as an autonomous region of Somalia.