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Xirsi Steals the Show

Xirsi Steals the Show


At the reception of Somaliland delegation lead by president Ahmed Siilaanyo the presidential secretary Minster Xirsi Haji Hassan has stolen the show by reciting his own poem which was well received and earned him unstoppable applause. This event was well prepared and much better than previous ones which were often held in smaller halls full of noise in unorganised manor.

In the beginning of his poem Mr Hassan praised the president and his bravely position for the cause of Somaliland, then he came to the point where he hit back his critics,  it was obvious that Hirsi was waiting such occasion. Hirsi Hajji Hassan is the one of the most criticised minster in Siilaanyo’s cabinet due to his power and influence in the running of the affairs of Somaliland. Nevertheless on this occasion he defended himself emphatically.  

He made his point so eloquently in poem with alteration synonymous to the famous classical Somali poets; the audience excitedly applaud him again and it was obvious he was the star of the show.

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