Somalia Conference aims: Justice

Somalia Conference aims: Justice

Justice is one of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s top priorities. The Six Pillar Policy Plan highlights the importance of rebuilding citizens’ trust in the justice system as a key part of improving stability and reconciliation.

There is an urgent need to increase access to justice for the Somali people in newly-liberated areas and at the same time begin to establish an independent judiciary and wider justice system capable of delivering justice for all citizens. This is critical for the future stability of the country and long-term development and security.

Progress made so far

All justice stakeholders have agreed that a process to work out how to address the immediate priorities for the justice sector is essential. The ultimate aim is to increase access to, and improve the quality of, justice for Somali citizens. Consultations on a draft two-year action plan have now taken place at the President’s Justice Conference which brought together 150 participants in Mogadishu in early April.

What are the Government’s justice priorities?

The following are generally agreed to be immediate priorities:

  • Finalisation of a Somali-owned and led two-year action plan for justice to address immediate stabilisation needs and begin to build institutions which can administer justice effectively, and enable the government to realise its security and development objectives; this has now been agreed;
  • Co-ordinated international support and commitment to the implementation of this two-year action plan focused on immediate priorities;
  • Agreement on effective government oversight, donor co-ordination and financing.

What do we want the conference to achieve?

We hope the Somalia Conference will mobilise international support for this two-year justice action plan focused on immediate priorities.

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