The 12th Annual Horn of Africa Conference in Lund, Sweden

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The 12th Annual Horn of Africa Conference in Lund, Sweden

Focus On

Resources, Peace and Conflict in the Horn of Africa Region

Date: 23-25 August 2013 Place: City Hall, Lund, SWEDEN


Whether natural resources are a blessing or a curse depends largely on a country’s governance system and leadership. This proposed conference on the Horn of Africa 23-25 August 2013 aims to provide perspectives on the complex linkages between natural resources, conflict and conflict resolution in the Horn of Africa. As this annual conference has pointed out, the Horn of Africa is unfortunately entangled by many different complex conflict drivers, of which some are continuously exacerbated by new local, regional and global developments.

We as organizers have identified “Natural resources, conflict and conflict resolution” as a highly relevant topic for the conference 2013. In the region, there is nearly at least one ongoing conflict in each Horn of African country related either directly or indirectly to natural resources as a primary driver of the conflict. We witness today hostilities between the Sudan and the newly established state of South Sudan, which both desperately need the oil to run their governments, feed their people and stamp out insurrections.

Many participants during previous conferences have concluded that competition over access to control of resources leads to conflict in the Horn Africa region.

The countries in the region share not only political borders and communities but also freshwater resources in their common river systems which are important for their socio-economic development