Somalia: Top Federal Govt Leaders Address the Somaliland Talks

Mogadishu- — the president of the federal republic of Somalia, prime minister and the speaker all addressed the Somali and Somaliland talks during the celebration marking the 53rd anniversary that ended the British rule in northern Somalia.

The president of the federal republic of Somalia admitted that atrocities occurred during the military rule in Somalia not only to the people of Somaliland but majority of Somalis in the whole country.

“We are ready for a dialogue and the dialogue will continue in a peaceful way “said Mr. Hassan. Thousands were killed during and after the military rule that never discriminated the Somali communities living in the entire country.

This led to the long inter clan civil war that completely devastated the country.

The president ensured all Somalis that he will do everything to maintain the unity of Somalis in Somalia

The prime minister of Somalia Abdi Farah Shirdon said that he welcomed the talks and urged the Somaliland administration to forget and forgive the past mistakes of the military regime.

The speaker of the national assembly said that the talks should adhere to the Somali constitution and should bring together the Somali communities to prevent what happened in the past.

The federal government of Somalia previously welcomed the talks and urged the Somaliland administration to forward its allegations to the federal government leaders.

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