The New Deal will generate international support to lift Somalia out of its fragile situation

The New Deal will generate international support to lift Somalia out of its fragile situation


“Somalia has embraced the New Deal process with g7+ countries to lift the country out of its fragile situation,” said His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud today, giving a keynote address on the political road map to 2016 at the second New Deal core group meeting in Mogadishu.


The meeting, which included high-level Somali government officials, civil society representatives and members of the international community, discussed plans for an inclusive national dialogue that will set government priorities during early consultations ahead of the 16 September Brussels conference. That conference will result in a compact between Somalia and international donors governing the way the partners interact.

“The New Deal countrywide consultations should be an inclusive process that addresses the different needs and aspirations of the different regions,” the President said. He emphasized the Somali government’s commitment to the New Deal process and stated it will be flexible enough to take into account different levels of social and economic development across the country.

European Union Managing Director for Africa Nick Westcott welcomed the Somali government’s commitment to inclusiveness. He stressed the EU will send delegations to both Somaliland and Puntland to ensure that this is a consultation process to which all Somalis can contribute.

“We are encouraged the New Deal process will help build Somalia, and will enable us to generate support for the country,” Nick Westcott said.

The process is set to achieve one vision and one plan for Somalia. The compact will advocate a small number of priorities and peace-building and state-building goals. It is designed to avoid aid fragmentation and corruption, while achieving long-term aid effectiveness.


Ahmed Adan
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