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Xisbiga Waddani Laantiisa Torronto Oo Casho Sharaf Ay Ku Sagootinayaan Dhawaan U Sameeyaay Dr. Maxamed Fadal.

Casho sharftaa oo ahay mid aad u heersaraysa waxaa ka soo qayb galay marti sharaf+Sawiro………..

Dinner and Farewell for Dr. Mohamed Fadal
They say good things happen in a bunch. This was certainly the case on Sunday night. It was a blessed Ramadan evening where many of WADDANI Political Party members converged, to meet, greet and strategize. Members discussed many of the current issues facing Somaliland, in general. Moreover, the attendees reflected on WADDANI-specific issues spanning a good breadth of the spectrum of the political and social landscape of Somaliland. The meeting was spearheaded by Mudane Dr. Mohamed Fadal, who attended the dinner he and his Marwo Zainab Yusuf Xaaji Adan organized to honor the members of WADDANI Canada. Dr. Fadal touched bases with the members, answering many of their questions. He graciously elaborated on many of the points previously discussed on earlier meetings. Dr. Fadal, laid out the vision laid for Somaliland by WADDANI as well as the proposed policies that spell out that vision. Next, Many of the members in attendance, notably DR. Ali Sugule, Mr. Ali Baqdaadi, and Mr. Ibrahim Absiye, among others, voiced some valuable and pointed suggestions for Dr. Fadal to take back home and share with the Chairman of WADDANI and its larger leadership. Also attending the meeting was chairman Jama Jama as well chairwoman Marwo Suhur Hassan Abib, one of the rising stars in WADDANI, who informed the membership of her impending trip to Somaliland, at the end of July. The meeting lasted for about 3 hours and ended with the reading of verses from the wholly Quraan.
Ali Hassan Meygag Samater, Spokes man for WADDANI Canada

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