Somaliland: Open To Dialogue With Somalia

Picture by Oxfam Italia

The Foreign Minister of Somaliland is expecting an EU and World Bank delegation aimed at reinforcing a democratisation process with the Somali Federal Government.

Below is an article published by AllAfrica:

Somaliland Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis on Tuesday [20 August 2013] said his government was willing to continue unity talks with the Somali government, Somaliland Press reported.

Yonis said representatives of the international donor community will visit Somaliland ahead of the New Deal donor conference in Brussels.

Although the Somaliland administration will not be sending a delegate to Brussels, Yonis travelled to Nairobi this week to meet with European Union officials to discuss economic and unification issues.

“We expect an EU and World Bank delegation to arrive in [Somaliland] tomorrow to hold discussion on ways to [strengthen] partnership with the EU and donor governments in support of further democratisation and development,” Yonis said.

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