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Fellaini’s the man! Bolt backs mighty Marouane to shine at Old Trafford

Usain Bolt has called for Manchester United  fans to get behind Marouane Fellaini when he puts on a red shirt at Old  Trafford.

The 100m and 200m world record holder, a  self-confessed United fan, held up a Belgium national team shirt with Fellaini  on the back.

It comes three days after he demanded David  Moyes made a move in the transfer window.

 VIDEO  Scroll down to see Usain Bolt talking about Marouane Fellaini

Huge United fan: Usain Bolt showed off a Belgium shirt with Marouane Fellaini on the backHuge United fan: Usain Bolt showed off a Belgium shirt  with Marouane Fellaini on the back


‘Dave Moyes, we need a creative midfielder,  one that can pass and create opportunities, right now,’ he said.

‘More control. Serious face.’

But now with the acquisition of Fellaini,  perhaps Bolt will be appeased for the foreseeable future when it comes to  football.

He made unexpected comments on Wednesday  suggesting that he will retire after the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

‘If I’m in great shape and I go there and do  what I have to do, I think it would be a good time to retire on  top and having  dominated for so long,’ Bolt said.

‘I couldn’t find that goal, that  drive to  get going again. I sat down and thought to myself: what do I  really want? And  what can I do in this sport some more?’ he added.

‘I’ve made up my mind that if I want  to be  among the greats of Ali, Pele and all these guys I have to  continue dominating  until I retire.

Usain Bolt wishes Marouane Fellanini good luck

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