Outstandin​g Achievemen​t Awards 8 Personalit​ies in Somali-lan​d By Ismail Lugweyne

Outstandin​g Achievemen​t Awards 8 Personalit​ies in Somali-lan​d By Ismail Lugweyne


An Outstanding achievement awards are honored for the personalities who have accomplished valuable contribution for the nations, the government officials, members from the civil societies, which their contribution recognized by the public in view of community development and Islamic scholars.Consequently some individuals from the government officials, civil organizations, businessmen and religious scholars have been nominated by a group of Somali land Professionals based in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Sheffield, as these individuals have been recognized by the public as distinguished personalities, contributed valuable and outstanding achievement in various areas of public interest.

In view of the above, it is honor and privilege for us nominating honorary awards for the personalities, which their names are detailed underneath who examples a quality of dedicated personalities that posse’s Characteristicse listed below. The individuals nominated for the achievement and the motive for their nomination are detailed

1. The President. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud. Knowledge on the present and the historical past events.Passionate about serving all Somali-land.Passionate about success.Characteristics of public speaker..Self confidence and decisive.Patriotic.

2. Chairman of parliament/Wadani party.Team leader. Self discipline. Crisis management skills..Sense of humor.

3. Minister of Presidency. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan..Resourceful. Transparent. Self confidence. Proactive. Commitment. Hard working. habitually working diligently and for long hours

4. Minster of Finance. Abdulaziz Samaale.Creative. Determined. Self Respect. commitment.

5 & 6. Sheik. Mohamed.Sh.Cumar Dirir and Sheik Mustafa. Reliance and connected with Allah. Commitment to the cause.Self discipline. resourceful in religious matters.

7. Omar Aideed (Businessman). Helpful. Generous. Supportive. Determined. Commitment. Resourceful.

8. Sheik Mohamed Ali Geedi. (Civil society activist). Trustworthy. Volunteering. Postie attitude. Self Respect. Commitment. Excellent communication skills.

Ismail Lugweyne.