President applauds Somali women for fighting for the rights of the most vulnerable

Presidential Press Office
Thursday, December 05, 2013


The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E Hassan Sh. Mohamud today paid tribute to Somali women activists and those campaigning to improve women’s rights.

Speaking at the “Women’s Peace and Security Day”, an event organized by the United Nations to promote the role of women in society, the President re-affirmed the government’s commitment to improving the lives of women and children in Somalia:

“After two decades of civil war the Government is completely committed to reforming our laws and creating new laws and policies, that have never previously existed in Somalia, to ensure the protection of the most vulnerable in our society.”

Highlighting the practical steps that have already been taken by the government, the President said:

“In its first year the Government has taken a number of concrete steps to protect women. We have drafted a National Gender Policy, we are in the process of creating a special crime unit that will investigate and counter gender-based violence and a dedicated clinic is being built to care for the victims of sexual violence. Our security forces, police and judiciary are now receiving, and will continue to receive, specialized gender training. We acknowledge that there is a long way to go but we are dedicated to making serious progress in this area.”

“Women have an essential role in society and when you the women of Somalia are united you are able to achieve your goals. I applaud you for fighting for the rights’ of the most vulnerable in society and I pledge to you today that women will continue to be represented at the highest level of the Somali Government.”

The President, who was joined at the event by the Minister for Human Development and Public Services H.E Maryan Qaasim, the UN’s Special Representative to the Secretary General Nicholas Kay, several Ambassadors, the AU and civil society leaders, thanked the UN for hosting the event and for standing up for human rights in Somalia.