Somalia and Taleex conflict – Amin cartoon

– More than 10 people were killed and 12 injured after Puntland forces intruded on Thursday into Taleex village of Somaliland controlled by  forces loyal to Khatumo.
The causalities were   mainly civilians who bore  the brunt of the unprovoked invasion. Puntand forces  later chased  out  Khatumo forces of Ali Khalif and Indho Shiil out of the village after the bloodshed.
Amin Amir who is a Somali cartoonist published the following satire on the conflict :
This the how the Somali text in the cartoon reads :

The Journalist asks Puntland vice president who lead the incursion and who is shown here as the man well equipped with bazooka, pistol , Kalashnikov and a bag full of US $s:
“Why did you come to Taleex  Mr Abdisamad Ali Shire ? ”
The VP answers “I am here to liberate Taleex ”
The man standing on the right-hand side comments “Taleex does not need liberation . He came for the massacre and ethnic cleansing”
The far right hand corner man adds “This man has exchanged his people for the seat-of- power and a political post” . End.

Source Medeshi