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U.S demands resumption of poll talks in Somalia, warns impasse risks instability

Wednesday February 10, 2021

 The U.S. has upped its pressure on Somali leaders to resume talks, echoing similar calls by the UN and the EU and warned against any parallel process and interim governing arrangements, dealing a blow to the opposition’s demands to form a transitional body.

State Department spokesman Ned Price told journalists Tuesday Somali leaders must set aside their interests and work for the nation’s good.

“We call on Somalia’s leaders to resume dialogue quickly so that national elections can take place now,”

Price warned that the continued electoral impasse ‘hinders pressing reforms and counter-terrorism and continued delays will only increase the risk of instability’.

Noting that it was the country’s responsibility and duty to act in the people’s interest, Price said the U.S. would not entertain any parallel electoral process.

“Partial, parallel or alternative election process including prolonged interim governing arrangements will increase prospects for instability and would be a major setback for Somalia.”

The Council for Presidential Candidates (CPC) said in a statement Saturday said it was routing for the formation of a National Transitional Council to oversee the preparation of elections and a transition.

The U.S. remarks add to similar calls by the UN Security Council Tuesday night, which urged the resumption of talks. A statement by the 15 member Security Council called on Somali leaders to “reach consensus on the arrangements for the conduct of inclusive elections with a view to holding them as soon as possible.”

Source Hiiraan