Fears Turkey is on brink of all-out invasion as military trucks seen rolling into Syria

Erdogan Addresses Khashoggi Killing in Speech to Turkish Parliament
Erdogan Addresses Khashoggi Killing in Speech to Turkish Parliament© Getty

Turkey might be just days away from an all-out war with Syria as troops continue to attack northern parts of the country. According to Reuters, “Turkey’s army needs just a few more days to be ready for a ground offensive into northern Syria and such a decision may come at a cabinet meeting on Monday”.

The commander of the main US-backed Kurdish-led force in Syria said Saturday they have halted operations against the Islamic State group due to Turkish attacks on northern Syria over the past week.

Mazloum Abdi of the Syrian Democratic Forces told reporters that after nearly a week of Turkish airstrikes on northern Syria, Ankara is now preparing for a ground offensive. He said Turkey-backed opposition fighters are getting ready to take part in the operations.

Abdi added that Turkish strikes over the past week have caused severe damage to the region’s infrastructure.

Abdi said Turkey is taking advantage of the deadly November 13 bombing in Istanbul that Ankara blames on Kurdish groups. Kurdish organisations have denied any involvement in the Istanbul attack that killed six and wounded dozens.

The US was last night considering a proposal from Boeing to supply Ukraine with small precision bombs which can be attached to rockets – allowing it to hit far behind Russian enemy lines.

Could it help Ukraine push back Russia’s invasion and win the war?

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