Salaan Media - Warbaahin Dhex-dhexaad ah

Farmajo coup attempt in Somalia state of Galmudug became aborted as the state president Ahmed Duale Gelle “Xaaf” has foiled Farmajo coup attempt and conspiracy against his state.

Farmajo attempt to set up totalitarian rule in of Galmudug state of Somalia has been foiled by loyal forces in of Galmudug. The guy who was elected through vote buying and corruption using the resources of the Somalia and the assistance the guy obtains from the international community to divide his people and benefit the difference he created. According to relivable sources, Farmajo has paid US $ 30,000.00 for each vote to be elected in Somalia election held in 2017. The guy has revived the old colonial policy (divide and rule policy) to sustain power by exploiting the people’s difference he himself has created.

Divide and rule policy was technique used by colonial powers in Africa to divide people to control people and benefit local people differences to sustain power, but this is not possible in 2019. Farmajo has sent through proxy element one million seven hundred US dollars to make coup against legally elected president Ahmed Duale Gelle Xaaf and replace him a puppet element, but his conspiracy against the legitimate president of Galmudug state became fruitless as the state loyal army forces became victorious over the puppet elements Farmajo has hired to make coup against the state president. The guy has injected problems in the state to benefit the problems he injected in the state, but his conspiracy against the state have backfired him
Ever since Farmajo was elected through vote buying in Somalia in 2017, the guy spending the resources of the country to revive the totalitarian rule in Somalia but the possibility of bringing back the totalitarian rule in Somalia which was collapsed in 1991 is none existent in 2019. Farmajo advocates false nationalism in Somalia like Soviet Union propaganda under Joseph Stalin in 1920.
But there is, one hundred years differences between Joseph Stalin era in Soviet Union and at present (2019) in horn of Africa in particular Somalia. Farmajo attempt to become up totalitarian ruler in Somalia is like mid-day dream and brainchild thought. The days one can fool people with false nationalism has expired 50 years ago and as a result Farmajo needs to lives the realities in the grounds. Ahmed Duale Gelle “Xaaf has taught costly lessons to Farmajo and his puppet elements in Galmudug state and as a result Farmajo is lucky enough had he remains office till his term in office winds up in 2021 in view of his deteriorating image which is worsening day after day

Ismail Lugweyne