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Farmajo who was elected through vote buying has failed cutting the bridge and the relationship between Somaliland and the international community despite his endless efforts.

Ever since Farmajo has come to highest office in the Somalia, the guy made every effort to cut the bridge and the relationship between Somaliland and the international community, but his endless efforts have failed to produce him even fraction percent success reason being the world family of nations abundantly attentive that Somaliland was split the failed union with Somalia 28 years ago.  In 28 years, the international community fully acknowledge that Somaliland and Somalia are two different countries in horn of Africa.  70 % of Somaliland population did not know anything about Somalia, reason being these large population of Somaliland people became mature or born during Somaliland independence days. The rest 30 % of Somaliland population consider Somalia as their worst enemy on earth reason being, this portion of Somaliland population have only experienced death and destruction from Somalia. The failed union with Somalia has generated death and destruction for Somaliland people.  Somaliland cities and towns have leveled under the ground by brutal regime.  Somaliland independence is the byproduct the artillery shelling and aerial bombardment for Somaliland cities and towns. Somaliland independence is the byproduct of death and destruction committed by brutal regime.

Farmajo who was elected through vote buying in Somalia is a president in a country whereby the international community has ladled a failed state and its capital is described the most dangerous city in the world. Across the world, when people from any part of the world heard Somalia from the media, so many pleasing words will strike in their minds like Al-Shabib terrorist, suicide attach, terror attach, security deterioration, instability, pirates, failed state and many more words that makes people fear.  Since Farmajo has come to highest office in Somalia, his country is navigating from bad to worse this is because of his imprudent leadership.  He guy has failed to pay attention the complex and long-standing crisis of his country.  More than half of his people are either internal or external refuges, but the guy has no concern the suffering of his people aged close to 30 years.  Farmajo never thinks more than his personal wallet and personal accounts

He spends the limited resources and the assistance his government obtains from stakeholders to elect as regional presidents  proxy elements loyal to him from the federal regional governments like what happened in South west State of Somalia, Baidoba is its capital city.  Farmajo puppet was nominated but not elected in South west State in last year so called election with direct intervention of Farmajo government. Farmajo made possible electing Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed, also known as Lafta Gareen and removed from candidacy a powerful candidate Mukhtar Robow was. This was not election but installing a puppet element as a president in that regional government. Farmajo spends the resources of Somalia to divide his people and to install loyal elements in Somalia. He rules Somalia like dictatorship style. The opposition in Somalia has no right to hold press conferences and meetings in Somali capital Mogadishu and as a result, these opposition elements are forced making meeting in other foreign capitals. We did not see or predict slight hope making peace and stable in Somalia, this is because, Farmajo lives false dreams which is like building high ways in the sky.

Ismail Lugweyne