Open letter to united ambassador to Somaliland/Somalia, Mr. Michael Keating. The boundary between Somaliland and Somalia was defined in the Anglo-Italian protocol May 1894

| January 13, 2018

open letterIt is great pleasure and honour to me to write this letter being Somaliland citizen. Mr.  Ambassador, your visit to Somaliland was great opportunity for you and Somaliland government to discuss   the mutual interest between Somaliland and united nation.  However, Somaliland is not Somalia. Mr. Ambassador, the international community has described Somaliland the most peace country in horn of Africa if not Africa. By nature, Somaliland people born as peace loving people  and this why Somaliland is peace and stable in contrast  with the neighbouring  Somalia which is still divided and  experiencing chaos and instability. Mr. Ambassador, regardless the circumstances of Somalia, Somaliland people will not compromise one inch of its territory.

As no one can reverse hours passed, equally. Somaliland independence from Somalia will not reverse.  No one can reverse events passed; equally,Somaliland independence from Somalia will not reverse. Mr. Ambassador, Somaliland government and its people has moral responsibility to defend every inch of its territory. Somaliland government and its people have moral responsibility not to compromise their territory.  Mr. Ambassador,   Somaliland independence is the by product the loss of 100, 000 lives and the destruction properties accumulated over 100 years committed by brutal regime.  Somaliland independence is the by product for the genocide committed by brutal regime.  Somaliland independence is the by product of the mass graves we discover every years in Somaliland cities and towns.  Somaliland independence is the by product for the land mines planted by y brutal regime to kill Somaliland citizens.

Somaliland independence is the by product of the oppressive policies against Somaliland citizens.  Somaliland independence is the by product theartillery shelling and aerial bombardment for Somaliland cities and towns. Somaliland independence is the by product for the Serious human right violations, including extra-judicial executions of unarmed civilians, detentions without trial, unfair trials, torture, rape, looting ,extortion  committed bybrutal regime against unarmed innocent citizens including women, children and elders.  Somaliland independence is the by product for the daily and curfews imposed to Somaliland citizens.   Somaliland independence is the by product for the law of jungle treated by the regime against Somaliland civilians. Somaliland independence is the by product for the detentions without trial, unfair trials, torture, false accusations, compulsory ransoms, restricting travel movements, civilian harassment committed by brutal regime against unarmed  civilians. Somaliland independence is the by product for the terrorize citizens by brutal regime.

 Somaliland independence is the by product for the iron policy of the by brutal regime. Mr. Ambassador, the possibility of re-installing the failed union is like an attempt to build palaces in the sky or construct highways in the sky. Mr. Ambassador, the agony committed by  by brutal regime against Somaliland will remind the minds of our people everlasting. Memory is a record of our personal experience. Our memory is the glue that binds your life together. The moments we share are the moments we keep forever. Memories would not fade conscious effort. Our memory is our diaries that we carry all the time. Each day of our lives make deposits in our memory. Our brain has vast memory storage. Somaliland people had experienced dark days that never fade from memories.

The agony of the past has become glue in their minds. The roots of Somali conflict was the domination of the southerners in the expanse of Somaliland people.  Somaliland and Somalia got freedom from Britain and Italy respectively in 1960, but the Somalis in the south had misused the nationalism feeling from the northern Somalis and as a result, the discrimination northerners by the south had started from the time of the union between the north and the south. Italian Somalia has dominated Somalilanders. Mr. Ambassador, there is moral responsibility for the united nation to respect the feelings and the aspiration   of Somaliland people in view of above.

Ismail Lugweyne.

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