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Somaliland needs to be prepared to thwart new threats from Somalia

Somaliland needs to be prepared to thwart new threats from Somalia

Photo : Somaliland army in parade on May 18, 2013

(SM)- Somali president has recently said in a news conference  coinciding with Somaliland 22nd independence day that “Somalia’s unity is sacred and that Somaliland should swallow the idea of secession”.  This rings alarm bells specially at this time when the World has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to Somalia and when the arms embargo is lifted . Another press release followed today in which the Minister of information of Somaliacondemned the recent decision of the Somaliland government to prevent UN flightsfrom entering the country . The Somali Information minister also  apologized to UN  in the press release about the UN flights embargo by Somaliland .

 It seems that the Somali government headed by President Hassan has been emboldened in confronting  Somaliland by the international support that Somalia receives as well as the collaboration of few landers that had sought jobs in Mogadishu . President Hassan who controls small part of the capital , Mogadishu  with the help of the African Union forces (Amsiom) should put that part of his country into order before taking the podium and talking about peaceful and Independent Somaliland. President Mohamud who  has ties with Al-Islah, Somalia’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood had little experience in politics when nominated by clan elders and is a liability that could cause harm to the people of Somaliland as well as Somalia.
Somaliland marked its 22nd Independence from Somalia on May 18  2013 and the people of Somaliland had shown their determination to defend their country at any cost during the huge parades that took place in all parts of the country as well as in the Daispora . Again the people of Somaliland may be drawn into another war against Somalia if leaders like Hassan do not realise and respect the wish of the Somaliland people . As a somalilander that had contributed towards the struggle of the SNM financially and morally  during the 1980s and early 1990s, I am more than willing to join the struggle again if the need arises .
should be prepared for any action / plunder that  Somalia leaders may take against our country . After all Somaliland regained its independence from Somalia through struggle , hard work , sweat and the blood of its people.


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