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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stops hiring workers from Ethiopia

 Saudi Arabia has slapped a temporary ban on recruitment of workers from Ethiopia. The ban will continue until investigations are completed into the killing of Saudi children by some Ethiopian maids. The decision was taken by the Ministries of Interior and Labor, an official statement said.

Sherif Keri Osman, a senior diplomat at the Ethiopian Consulate, said his country had not received any information about the ban.

“Ethiopian authorities have not received any communication regarding the recruitment ban,” he told Arab News. Ethiopians were the most hit when Saudi authorities launched a crack down on illegal and undocumented workers.
Most Ethiopians enter the Kingdom through the southern border without any formal visa.
Everyday dozens of Ethiopians have been arrested on their way to Jeddah and Riyadh for illegally entering the Kingdom. There were incidents of violence inside the Kingdom’s prisons involving Ethiopians and other nationalities.
Arab News

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