Saudi Arabia should grant citizenship to the long serving foreigners

It about time that Saudi Arabia respects and becomes grateful for the contributions by foreign workers to the development of the infrastructure of the country. Saudis should grantcitizenship to the children born in Saudi Arabia to foreign workers. Saudis should allow children of foreign workers go to Saudi universities .

Foreigners  working in a Golf  State well-over   45 Celsius 

Saudis should show a sense of responsibility and respect international humanitarian laws . The name of Islam is tainted by Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf State practices.
These Gulf States should know that any uprising such as that which is happening in their neighbourhoods like Egypt , Syria , Libya and even in tiny Bahrain could topple their corrupt Monarchs .

Saudis should know that the world is changing . America cannot cover up for the Saudi human right abuses any more because the US is moving away from dependence on Saudi oil supplies.
The Americans will be oil-self-sufficient in the coming few years after the new shale oil and gas discoveries in California and will therefore, leave these corrupt Gulf States in the cold.
Saudis and other Gulf States could therefore, be left alone in the cold facing a wide angry population from different nations  that have previously been abused by the Saudis and other Gulf States.
It is never too late .. Saudis should think twice and look inwards to what is happening in their country and respect the people that are helping them in maintaining  the development in their country . It is not only oil,  it also human power that needs appreciation in the development of this country.
So it would would be wise for the Saudis to start granting citizenship to the long serving foreign  workers.