The Disgraced And Fallen Politicians Of Somaliland.

The Disgraced And Fallen Politicians Of Somaliland.
Who All Bear The Painful Scare’s Of Shamefully Fallen From Grace.
There Attempt To Re-Enter politics Through UN-Constitutional Door
Show’s The lack Of Vision And Political Identity Same Old Dumb And Dumber, 
As The Saying Goes. “You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks” 
This Is Not A New Come Back. They Keep Raiding The Old Garbage, 
Digging Out The Usual Dirty Tools Of Tribe, Region, Personal Attacks, 
Rubbing Civil War Wounds, And Carelessly Using UN-Censored Offensive Language,
The Last Resort Of Failed Wanna Be Politician. 
Mahamed Hashi Elmi.
Ibrahim Husen (Dhegaweyne)
Faysal Ali (Warabe).
Hassan Isse jama.
The Bad Apples Of Somaliland’s Politician’s Need To Be Isolated 
From This Oasis Of Peace And It’s population. 
They Are Contaminating The Constitution, 
Poisoning the Public,
Creating Barriers Of Fear,
Creating Tribal Hatred,
Justifying Anarchy. 
Wa Soo Gaabinya.
Allah Mahad leh.