Thursday, July 4, 2013 Somaliland : British ambassador looks into Dartmouth man’s son is living in Hargeisap

G(Medeshi)- THE newly-appointed British ambassador to Somalia says he will look into claims a Dartmouth man’s son is living in Hargeisa. Neil Wigan, who only took up his post at the start of this week,
was responding to email sent by this newspaper.

Nim’an about to get into a taxi in Hargeisa

He said that prior to taking up his post he had been briefed about the claims made by Nim’an Bowden, published in this paper last week, that his father was Brian Bowden, who had married a Somali woman
and worked at the former British embassy in Mogadishu.
Water engineer Brian Bowden, who left Britain for Somalia in 1958, stayed behind when the British embassy was evacuated during the Somalia civil war in 1991. He was killed shortly afterwards by an armed gang.
Mr Wigan said he would be consulting with local colleagues to assess the latest information before getting back to us.
Meanwhile, a humanitarian aid worker based in Hargeisa, Somaliland – which declared its independence from Somalia, though that has not been officially recognised by the UK – told us that Nim’an’s case had
received support from around the world.
that Nim’an quest for British citizenship had backing from supporters in the USA, Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Somalia and Kenya. He added that pledges had been made to help fund costs the might be incurred during the process.
Hassan said: ‘Nim’an’s mother, Run Aw Daahir Mohamed, died in 1994, when he was six years old, in Hargeisa and so he had lost both parents.