Mr. President: Your Government’s Achievements also belong to Somaliland people; they must therefore be defended publicly!!


Mr. President: Your Government’s Achievements also belong to Somaliland people; they must therefore be defended publicly!!



By:  | Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh| (Hussein Deyr) |UK|


You’re Excellency Mr. President,


Getting the public on your side is the highest prize!

As a wise and time-honoured leader, you need to develop a strong and positive relationship with the public and mainstream society; offering everybody a shared nationhood, a sense of belonging and equal social justice, regardless of their political colour or affiliation. As the leader of this country, it is vitally important that you are never being detached from the public dealings and regular contacts with the people who are very keen to see you or to hear your voice. Take sometimes the initiative to embark “a listening tour” across the country (as you did a couple of times). This approach will give you the opportunity to explore and see through your own eyes how the daily lives of your citizen’s looks like and what is happening among your people on street level in one hand.

On the other hand, standing close to the ordinary people and hearing their voices will definitely boost the public morale; it will generate a positive social attitude among the Somaliland citizens that you are more accessible than your predecessor. Unless you undertake this simple and natural approach, I am afraid there will be a negative social perception amongst the public regarding your sincerity and honesty as a leader. As a consequence, it would be very difficult to get your message and government’s policy across. Getting the public on your side and winning their confidence is the highest prize a leader can realize!


A cohesive, caring and well organised Cabinet:

Mr. President, I would like to suggest that the members of your government should manifest (within and outwards) as a cohesive and well organised cabinet members who play as a team united and integrated; with so much spirit, togetherness and self-belief. They have to be very careful to bring conflicting stories, unnecessary allegations or emotional impulses to the outside world. At any cost, the government members should try avoiding to be viewed (by the public) as untouchable, rich and remote from normal Somaliland citizens. They should prevent to be labelled as uncaring and unfeeling government elite who only put their interests above the public interest.


In addition, when your government makes mistakes (purposefully or inadvertently), they must be openly admitted, and pledge for intervention and improvement and learn the lessons needed! Making mistakes is human. Admitting your mistakes is not an indication of weakness; on the contrary, it is rather a sign of self-confidence, leadership guts and moral fibre.


What your government has achieved is beyond discussion. Everywhere in our country there are positive developments visible. In a very short time, your administration has achieved incredible results on all fronts. There is one thing that the majority of Somaliland people can all agree on: You have achieved a wonderful economic, social and political development on which every Somalilander should be proud of. What your government has realized in three (3) years, your predecessor failed to do in eight (8) years time!! That is why I consider your government as the government of the people, by the people and for the people!


Mr. President, I believe that your Government’s Achievement also belongs to Somaliland people. Therefore, you have got every right to defend your government’s success and the realised social and economic progress. All what your government needs is to find out a bright and sensible way to defend its policies, records and achieved results so far. The public is your witness of the fact that your government is doing its best for the people and country’s interest. Never waver to defend your government’s record, policy stance and accomplishment in publicly. Never hesitate and have a full confidence to present your credible and self-evident achievements to your people. In that case, you can challenge your opponents either to do better, or keep silent.


Long Live the Somaliland Republic and its Noble people


By: |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|



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