Somaliland is to participate Africa Down under Conference on Minerals and Oil on 28 August – 30 August 2013 in Perth Australia.

Minister of Mining & Energy  of Somaliland Hussein Abdi Dualeh will lead a delegation representing his country at the Africa Down Under Conference on Minerals and Oil on 28 August – 30 August 2013 in Perth Australia
The positive, changing face of the African continent is continuing to attract the lion’s share of global exploration dollars as prospectors zoom in on its untold mineral riches. Countries which were previously considered no-go areas have attracted a new wave of international investors, explorers and miners wanting to have another look. Striking examples of these are Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique
Over the nine years that Australia’s Paydirt has been hosting the Africa Down Under Conference, there has been a surge in the growth rates of nearly all African countries, largely driven by the unparalleled demand for commodities from China. This ancient land mass of Africa is without question the world’s greatest treasure trove – and has yet to be comprehensively explored using modern techniques.
While much of the continent has, in the past, attracted the major companies, a new era of joint ventures with juniors and grub-staking is taking place from Ghana in the north-west, to Kenya and Somaliland  in the east and down south in the all-powerful triad of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.
The action across the continent is taking place hard and fast there could not be a better time to explore the options and hear the stories from the people who are unlocking the wealth of the formerly “Dark Continent”. The lights have come on in Africa, and you cannot afford to miss Africa Down Under, Pan Pacific Perth (formerly Sheraton Hotel) and Novotel Perth Langley, on 28 August – 30 August 2013.
Apart from presenting companies, the event will be attended by several African Mines Ministers, business leaders and executives from the mining services industries. Last year, the conference attracted more than 2000 delegates, 166 exhibitors and a full three day programme of top-notch speakers. This year it will be far bigger, consolidating our reputation as the best melting-pot for business conducted between the two continents.
Edited by Abdirahhman bidhan dahir 93.2fm  Bristol . UK