Edmonton: Ali and Isse among new city council candidates


Mustafa Ali, candidate for city councillor in Ward 2 and Hakin Isse, candidate for city councillor in Ward 3(http://electali.ca) (http://hakinisse.ca/)


Sunday, September 08, 2013



EDMONTON – Earlier this month Mustafa Ali launched his campaign for city councillor in Ward 2. The 23-year-old came to Canada from Somalia in 1991, and has since dedicated himself to improving the lives of Ward 2 residents.


If elected, Ali hopes to focus on making communities safer, cap property taxes for seniors and low-income individuals, and ensure that the city continues to develop sustainable infrastructure.

Throughout his education at the University of Alberta, Ali was involved in several student groups and founded a Haiti flood relief fundraising group. He volunteers with local high-risk youth and coaches two youth basketball programs.

Ali was awarded by the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers with the Youth Leadership and Achievement Award last May for his involvement in the community.

Other candidates running in Ward 2 include Bev Esslinger, Ted Grand, Nita Jalkanen, Jason Millar, and Shelley Tupper.

Running in the neighbouring district of Ward 3 is Hakin Isse. A political science graduate and small business owner, Isse believes that he can bring positive change to the neighbourhoods of the Ward 3.

Isse hopes to tackle problems regarding crime, unemployment, and education. He also wants to help provide more access to affordable services, such as low-income housing and convenient transportation.

Including input ifrom seniors n community development decisions is another important aspect of Isse’s vision.

Isse will be contending for the Ward 3 seat against David Dodge and Dave Loken.