Ethiopian suspends flights to Somaliland region

The Ethiopian Airlines has suspended its flights to Hargeisa and Berbera in northern Somalia due to poor infrastructure.

The airliner was using a runway in the coastal town of Berbera until two weeks ago when Somaliland regional administration reopened the Hargeisa airport after minor upgrades. At first Ethiopian said the upgrade met its objective but after further studies it has discovered that Hargeisa airport does not meet her safety standards due to poor tarmac runway.

It insisted on resuming its Berbera route until the airport in Hargeisa was probably completed but the aviation minister, who was trying to safe his own face after the failure of the upgrade, insisted on them to use Hargeisa.

Ethiopian said it would not risk its multi-millionaire aircraft nor the safety of its passengers. The two could not reach an agree and as a result, Ethiopian has stopped its flights to Somaliland.

The airport has been going under maintenance for almost a year and the upgrade money was donated by the government of Kuwait. Majority of the funds were locally reported to have been stolen by corrupted officials linked to President Ahmed Silanyo and his immediate family.

The airport is now basically useless and many passengers are stranded in Hargeisa.

Because of this mess made by the corrupted regional officials in Hargeisa, many passengers missed their flights meaning many missed their university enrollments, schools and their jobs back in the Diaspora.

Video: Angry and stranded people in Hargeisa gather outside the Safeway Travel Agency that handles tickets for Ethiopian.

Ethiopian should immediately contact this stranded passengers and refund their tickets and explain to these people that the mess came from the office of Mohamud Hashi Abdi and the corrupted Silanyo.

Ethiopian is by no means not responsible for this drama.