Press release : Genel is not leaving Somaliland

 ‘Genel is not leaving Somaliland. The Government of Somaliland has been working closely with Genel for 14 months; during this time significant work has been accomplished in the development of the Somaliland oil industry.

 We continue to work with Genel to fulfill our shared aims, with a view to Somaliland’s oil reserves becoming the backbone of the Somaliland economy, enabling the country to develop and its people to become self-sufficient. The current temporary halt in operations is an opportunity to take the necessary steps to ensure planning comes into line with implementation, guaranteeing the partnership of Genel and the Government of Somaliland has a long and sustainable future.   We are in close discussions with Genel regarding the steps that need to be taken prior to resumption of operations, and will continue to work hard with Genel to deal with each and every issue.’

Source Medeshi