Somaliland needs ‘cheetahs,’ not ‘hippos’ can the Somaliland people create new Cheetahs administration?

Somaliland needs ‘cheetahs,’ not ‘hippos’ can the Somaliland people create new Cheetahs administration?


Currently in Somaliland is a country immensely rich with mineral and natural resources and yet mired by poverty, fairness, and favouritism nepotism,  tribalism from catastrophic leadership failures or monumental deficit of leadership since the independency in 1991.


All though the comparison of the leaders who ruled in the county are compared through their actions and improvements and lack of improvements better difference at different situations. But just the four leaders who lead The Somaliland country, each one of them has his own legacy of Somaliland History and historic remembrance to the Somaliland generation.


The current leadership has engulfed beyond the borders of the peoples’ assets of liberty and freedom and created a tribal clan based administration. In Somaliland Media have not powers of independent broadcasting their information at any time and they cannot forecast or make independent reports about the corruption and misuse of power and misuse of money to the current Hippos administration.


Deprived government


The poor and dictatorship style had overthrown favouritism and tribal connection for the democratic administrations which people have had elected in 2010. The people are very worried about the hazardous hippos who are establishing for disaster problems in the country.


Revocation of the Constitution in Somaliland


It is obvious the current hippos administration in Somaliland had violated and broke the constitution n of Somaliland people who voted 97 % in many times such as the last accord between Somalia and Somaliland which says that Somaliland and Somali has agreed to manage together the Somalia Airlines managmament therefore if you look the article of the Somaliland constitution which says.


Financial Mismanagement


They are huge miss management  and loos of money from public tax payers and doronor funds In  Somaliland  such as there is not any Transparent and accountability for the expenses  how money and where money  goes out  every day the Government




The current Hippos administration is utilizing all sources of money to keep in power by giving some taxpayers money for some people including some elders, these elders are talking meaningless and covering the eyes of many Somaliland people who would have wanted to gain a transparent and Accountability administration in Somaliland.


Disputes among the Hippos administration


In the Hippos administration in Somaliland there is small number of people who would have thought that the worst situation can be changed inside the current administration, but they do not have a power to resolve the problems because of the number of hippos in the administration are more than the Cheetahs administrators.


Misuse of Power and Lost of Governmental administrative protocol


Today , every Somaliland citizens whose intelligence is free from ownership of clan based system and favouritism knows about how misuse of power and the lost of Governmental administrative protocol  for instance there  are buacractic system  in this current administration  such as every minister, DG, and lower  staff  people are running each other,  there is not Hierarchy, no unit of Commend , Rational Management was lost   due to  the capacity of the elected president who is retire and sick  , the president is not able to execute his position independently.

The presidency minister (Hirsi) is over taking and using the powers of the president simtenously.  There are other people who running the administration with-out firmly position.


They lack vision — hippos are near-sighted — and sit tight in their air-conditioned government offices, comfortable in their belief that the state can solve all of Somaliland’s’ problems. All the state needs are more power and more foreign aid. And they would ferociously defend their territory since that is what provides them with their wealth. (Hippos are on the way to disaster because they are not listening to anyone , arresting the farsighted scholars  including  (Aqoon Jiir) and more people’s rights are trampled on  in the country than any other animal.)


They care less if the whole country collapses around them, but are content as long as their pond is secure. They will be ripped up by the ornery and nasty Hippos. Rather, they should build up on their skills, strength and accumulate knowledge and wealth — in the private sector — while methodically draining the swamp of the Hippos.




Failure of House of Commons MPs, and House of Elders


The House of Commons, Mps representatives are today mixed with the cabinet and most of the Mps are governed in the presidency office, as well as the members of the house of elders are linked with the interest of the gourverment.  The reseans   are clear because the both chairs of the two houses are found the presidency s office by looking their interest which is different from each other.  Both house had passed many statutes that favours the Hippos  such as  the National  Security Statute which many article against the freedom of speech, freedom of thought  had been blocked.



Can Somaliland create Cheetahs’ generation in Somaliland? When will  young scholars in Somaliland become the successors against the Hippos administration?


But there is hope in what I call the “Cheetah Generation.”  In order to destroy the Hippos Administration and it is the time to create Somaliland Cheetahs generation to  take over.


The Cheetah Generation refers to the new and angry generation of young Somaliland graduates and professionals, who look at Somaliland issues and problems from a totally different and unique perspective.


They are dynamic, intellectually agile, and pragmatic. They may be the “restless generation” but they are Africa’s new hope. They brook no nonsense about corruption, inefficiency, ineptitude, incompetence, or buffoonery.


They understand and stress transparency, accountability, human rights, and good governance. They also know that many of their current leaders are hopelessly corrupt and that Somaliland government is contumaciously dysfunctional and commit flagitious human rights violations.


The Cheetahs do not look for excuses for government failure by wailing over the legacies of the tribalism, favouritism, nepotism and imperialism and looting from the donor funds from the World Bank or an unjust international economic system.


To the Cheetahs in Somaliland, this for Tribalism, favouritism, nepotism and personal interest “Intellectual and critical thinking colonialism-imperialism” paradigm, in which every Somaliland problem is analyzed, is obsolete and kaput.


Unencumbered by the old shibboleths, Cheetahs can analyze issues with remarkable clarity and


The outlook and perspectives of the Somaliland Cheetahs generation are refreshingly different from those of many Somaliland leaders, intellectuals, or elites, whose mental faculties are so foggy and their reasoning or logic so befuddled that they cannot distinguish between right and wrong. They blame everybody else for Somaliland problems except themselves.


This is the “Hippo Generation,” intellectually astigmatic and stuck in their muddy colonialist pedagogical patch. They can see with eagle-eyed clarity the injustices perpetrated by whites against blacks, but they are hopelessly blind to the more heinous injustices they perpetrate against their own black people.



Cheetahs Generation in Africa has already been started in some of African Countries they are spreading thought out the continent and this method of changing the lives and future in African found by  Professor  George Ayittey   in Ghana   African Economics  2008.   Ref. George.Ayetteey. (2008)  African Economics


Soon, they will find themselves “homeless” and then the Somaliland Cheetahs generation can take over the country.




Therefore,  I urge to many Somaliland Scholars , young people to wake up  and critically think about this Hippos Administration and create plans without looking for their divisions , clans  and private interests .




Hassan  Ahmed

Gudoomiyaha UCID ee South London

Student LLB at Greenwich University. London