US Welcomes the Decision of the Somalia Government on Syria


The U.S. Special Representative for Somalia, James McAnulty, welcomes the decision of the Federal Government of Somalia to join 33 other nations in supporting the September 6 Joint Statement on Syria.


“Somalia has shown great leadership on the issue of chemical weapons, acceding to the Chemical Weapons Convention on May 29, 2013 and becoming the 189th State Party to that landmark agreement”, stated the Special Representative.


Somalia is in proud company with many of its Arab League and Organization of the Islamic Conference partners in condemning the brutality of the Assad regime in its horrifying chemical attack on the people of Damascus.


As the world prepares to gather in Brussels for a key international conference on establishing a new framework for the reconstruction of Somalia, President Hassan Sheikh has demonstrated great leadership and statesmanship in joining the world’s leading nations in demanding a strong international response in Syria.