Our president and his administration achieved massive ongoing victories. The president’s goals and his triumph are very much tangible

and cannot belittle or ignored. Allah is all knowing and all capable and as president for a country with no international recognition, with no much support and no resources in place for the world market, you wonderfully made best choices in many matters. We have to admit that we truly owe him and need to praise our president for what he has done, knowing not long ago and just before the presidential polling, Somaliland was almost in an inert situation. I believe it is fair to say big thanks to our president for the endless dedication and brainstorming strategies.

I would say time and again that our honoured president is attentive in many ways-he absolutely always shown; tolerance, resilience and understanding.

President Ahmed is a great educator that can qualify and develop the healthy minds that are all considerate and listening. He created a good quality and free platform for progression and not only for Somalilanders but for all the Somali spoken individuals and entities.

President Ahmed is an open book and a course for multitask learning and leadership; that I believe his legacy is the most recent and long lasting valuable resource ever so far in the modern Somali history. Once more, as I said this is not only benefiting the people of Somaliland but a lot of other people in recent and future positions in the region and/or in Africa as a continent and particularly those who have a vision and sincerity shall always acknowledge, can see his input’s weight in theory and meaning.



I strongly feel some professionals have to write and keep siilaanyonism theory and practice in place for future reference; it is a marvellous legacy and heritage that needs to be stored sincerely.

Our president created a plan with many tools that are brought success after a success and an endless success for Somaliland.

Showing fortitude and his handle with care attitude in harsh and touchy situations, president’s multidisciplinary; team work and inclusion approach is a very much farsightedness, professional mannerism and a wide political vision proof.

Again changing the money for erigavo and putting the road mark stone to finally build the long awaited major road (Burao-Erigaco Road) is another massive, milestone victory and a big step forward maasha Allah.

I have to as well say and congratulate kulmiye as these tremendous victorious achievements are contribution for the next election and these are paving the way for kulmiye party. It is as hard as rock evidence that kulmiye party is in office for a while and way after this term insha Allah.

Furthermore, our president convinced the whole country and the people who vote for him that he care today for the effort he is putting on the progress of his people in all aspects, and he cared yesterday when he waited for this post for long- nineteenth years with patience and respect.

My honoured president we shall keep praying for you for the heavy responsibility that comes with your presidential duties, May Allah makes it easy for you throughout your term insha Allah.

The last final kick would be the oil drilling to go ahead God willing- then there will be no more poverty striking and financial hardship- there will be no more fruitless and suicidal migration of our youth.

We are a relatively small nation in number and with good plan and agreement with the foreign companies I think there may be a possibility that a form of welfare system can be up running in the very near future if the oil programmes proceed. And I am praying for this wish to come true very soon God willing.

We need solidarity in this prospect; ‘the oil projects as we all know it shall create a new appealing way of better living standard and not only for us but globally. What is more, nobody shall be missing out in Somaliland it shall even benefit the house bound people when they receive regular income for living from their government, God willing.

Democracy; as we are exercising it-we need to work around democracy and filter before we take the western democracy package as it is, otherwise we shall lose the conservativeness and righteousness in Islam if we take “the so called freedom of speech” “freedom of my own entity and freedom behaving as one wishes” and as the modern western world exercise it. We need to be careful and don’t let democracy theory over power us without consideration.Before the Islamic world is prepared to impose sharia law altogether the jurisdiction needs to educate, keep and assure principles of Islam and the society are intact.



It was awful to see some of our mass media broadcasting a misinterpreted programme, comparing Mogadishu and Hargeisa! That was showing and presenting of what they thought weakness and disastrous for hargeisa when in fact, it was victorious points; like the expansion and modernisation of Hargeisa International Airport. Whilst the reality on the ground is that the so called government of Mogadishu is very weak despite the overwhelming world support and assistance that it receives. Therefore, one wonders what was that all about, Ethiopia stopping its flights- what’s wrong with that, it is commonsense, they saw this trip is not productive and they stop it. They were definitely, mistaken and they did not do their business plan right at first place. Furthermore, we need to ask ourselves, do we really have regular adequate number of travellers for Boeing aeroplanes? The answer is no, let us be realistic it is not a rock science calculations, we only need very few Boeing flights in the summertime when mainly the Diaspora community are on the go. Other than that, all we need is a few jet flights perhaps on monthly or fortnightly basis. Therefore, I wonder was that broadcast because of a lack of maturity, lack of professional scrutiny or impatience from our media! Whatever it was it is definitely contributed negatively to the national integrity. One needs to be realistic, avoid the awkwardness of that irrational thinking, that isn’t taking him anywhere, the unjustifiable resentment and countless blames on our government is just a double edged blade that is a harm, firstly to the immediate people that the source had originated from and then to some extent to Somaliland’s reputation. Therefore, one needs to think twice before the damage is done.

I would advice with all respect to my fellow Somalilanders to show strength and respect to our soverenity.We need to show our seriousness about Somaliland before we care about one’s own interest. One needs not to lose fair judgement, good reasoning, values and ethics.

We really need to appreciate each other, we are all citizens so us living together in harmony is our target, while you can equally be a constructive opposition. This government has a mandate and other governments will come and so the country continues to exist and achieve more accomplishment God willing. Furthermore, one thing is certain, thinking intellectually, Somaliland definitely does not need whistle blowing, and it rather needs its nation to be all in charge of nurturing the unique and poor country that had strived a lot.

We are lucky having this kind of government in this rage political weather in the region. We are all witnessing the political war that is day-in day-out broadcasted by Mogadishu feeble government against Somaliland soverenity. We see that the choice of the millions of native people of this country and of how they want their Somaliland to run and recognised is not exist in the eyes of that frail regime’s president, and you can see from his absurd thoughts that are lacked consideration and thoughtfulness. We also remember what that so-called -President Hassan sheikh said about the 18th May and the celebrations. He degraded our effort and soverenity and misjudged about the word (caadifad) which I am taking this opportunity to mention, showing emotion is not a bad thing it is a feeling, it’s something that is gifted by God to humans, something without it you lose your mankind prestigious. Everything in this universe God brought and created them as married couple; as war and peace, when you use it as such you are not expected to have a prolonged war. The “emotion” word which some use as taboo and negative connotation to Somalialnders is actually positive and normal behaviour. Besides, the one who can show emotions is the one who can negotiate, create healthy environment because he knows and respect that; I can take that and I cannot take that, from there he will wear the other party’s shoes so he can show empathy. When there is warmness and affectionate in hearts and feeling it makes easy for people to agree on, to have a mutual no go area and being capable for the expected change and the notion of a nation building.

Thanks to God, Somaliland people have this culture of feeling the other and showing empathy and after all, I would calculate it as a love bearing culture. Because of this precious feeling we can forgive, show respect and be fasten together easily and that is why we always agree on the mutual interest.And that is why everyone stops when he finger pointed at and that is why normal people show respect, justifying and/ or becoming apologetic in one manner or other in situations. I would repeat and say again this culture is a God given gift for the people of Somaliland.

Lastly May the Almighty God award peace and stability to our brethren Somalia. May the Almighty God grant this peace and stability of Somaliland to be a long lasting matter.

May the Almighty God guide us all to the right path and reward the patriots of this country. Amiin.


Wa biLlaahi tawfiiq

Rhoda Gargaar.

Sheffield, UK.