Major characteristics to live as a successful Nationalist.

Cabdilaahi JohnWhen it comes to define the meaning of Nationalist, it is clear that too many people to struggle figuring out the genuine answer of that in terms of patriotism, loyalty and unity which is the most important matter of all.

A great responsibility must be on for every individuals of the population to watch and listen around carefully for the purpose of the sovereignty and the heroic defence of your land and people, whether you have dual nationality or not that responsibility is on your shoulder in all times to save lives, land and values of the communities in general without and other concepts or differences, in which must be disregarded when there is one goal of national interest to defend courageously and consistently in every minute of your life as better and honest citizen that profoundly committed oath or pledge seriously to do so.

A nation is being formed by its own people and develops all the way to the top level with brilliant capability and capacity to compete with other international Communities around the Globe towards in a better position at any side of Human life for dignity and honour that respectfully only differentiates the countries of the world in a very positive way rather than negativities and denouncements which some countries knowingly exercise prohibited process, while the international communities banned performances of that culture against the international conventions and treaties agreed quite long time ago by the United Nations. In order to resolve so many conflicts of human rights issues, world terrorism of different categories including bullying and bombarding without legal justification, nonsense hatred and confusion in terms of race, religion or political and Ideological occurrence of brainwashed programs, sometimes based on economical strategy and business warfare that may eliminate a large number of societies elsewhere in this Universal. However, the wisdom is one that denotes love and respect only, in other words live and let life without damaging your Nation or other nation’s reputation, role or existence.

Together, we are stronger as human being or as the people of this world or as a nation, whatever nationality holds, attempt to do the right thing and pay massive contribution of nationalism to your country and people of constructive. Of course it is our duties to carry out crucial policing system to make this Universe very better Environment that anybody have to have the opportunities to travel on air, in the sea or on earth without confrontations of any danger against his/her Nationality, Religion, ethnicity, gender or continental background and so many other things unmentioned here now.

Positively, it is much better to help yourself and help your Nation whatever circumstance comes about that stops atrocities and loss of life and national interest of your motherland, Motherland refers here the country you reside and holds its nationality wherever to work with and fully involved with the country’s integration to strengthen that unity and honour, be prepared to shed your blood your nation for the sake of defending the values and tradition against any domestic and foreign hostilities or attacks often bad people intend to disconnect and divide one nation by creating turmoil and suspicious sabotages. Anyway, for the last two decades a large number of people immigrated into European countries and America who have been given permanent residences those people there, and were provided the equal rights and same beneficial means of the people of those countries, so absolutely, its not right to breach the law and commit forbidden crimes there while receiving warm welcome and generous, humanitarian entertainments.

Somaliland Republic is one of unrecognized countries that broke away from Somalia in the year 1991 after 1960 amalgamation of Italian colony Republic Southern Somalia. Somaliland of three to Four Million estimated population failed to join Common Wealth Countries in 26 June 1960 when got independence from Britain and the current President of the country is Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo who was educated in UK specially the School of Economics in Manchester. Somehow, this President have very great links to United Kingdom as home of Education that often deserves respect and excellent consideration of power house of education forever and that prestige will follow the rest of his life.

His country of Somaliland speaks English as being former British Protectorate in 76 years that Britain administrates that land. But, Somaliland unsuccessfully was misled to the unfruitful Unity of great Somalia that ended very serious conflicts, in which International Communities quite aware of the genocides and human oppression took place between the former Somaliland British Protectorates and Somali Italian Colony republic that deeply dominated unfairly the politics of the two nations and as well as power sharing and the economical resources of the two united countries.

Somaliland people had been campaigning for the change of that culture and political and the end of injustice and suffering of the republic of Somaliland, unfortunately all ears turned deaf to hear and resolve that specific matter of unfairness. After long consultations and meetings when the severe heat affected and burned every individual of Somaliland people, a civilian uprising erupted Somaliland soil that fully later liberated land for the continuity of some certain years of very strong fighting which at the end fully driven the southern forces completely out of Somaliland soil where governmental system has been immediately established with the consent and demand of the people live in Somaliland soil or inside of the border which has been drawn by the British Government and today clearly identifies and well known without disputes and country of Somaliland once again secured its free nation sovereignty in 1991 of 18 May.

Today, Somaliland is one of the most stable and democratic Nation without proper national mandate in Africa or globe, as the nation elected four different leaders from 1991 up to now, the country set up the whole governmental institutions and that operate now freely and democratically. The infrastructures of the governments fully completed and innovated with the assistance of the International Communities that Somaliland frequently very appreciated the unforgettable role and rebuilding since the rebirth of this tiny Nation of Somaliland specifically for the elections and all necessary issues.

Interviews and assessments carried out from Somaliland nation vindicated that the Somaliland people in general East and West are very proud to be Somalilanders indeed. But, hailing international Communities to focus on and keep an eyes on what Somaliland achieved so far and stop to ignore the eligibility of Somaliland as recognized Nation in East Africa that will redouble the efforts and international global security, as this country situates very strategic area of red sea or gulf of Aden which has been put a lot of profound efforts to make it hundred per cent secure and stable by Somaliland regime led President Ahmed Siilaanyo the recent time.

As political activist, Somaliland is just recently born baby that complied every nation or every leader on this Universal to give only few minutes of support to protect from any possible danger and also take into or among the world countries to befriend or associate in terms of developments and upbringing straight away a proper stage maturity.

I hope the wisdom of this writing to be read, digest and giving a hand to Somaliland Republic of former British Protectorates that have had very enormous stupidity to miss the former chances of joining the world Common Wealth Countries previously and stay close to Britain forever.

Abdilahi John