Saudi Arabia : 1.3 million pilgrims transported to holy sites

 About 1.325 million pilgrims were transported to the holy sites on Friday, according to the General Car Syndicate (Naqaba). ascending (taseed) and descending (nafra) committee had completed preparations to execute the plan for pilgrims moving to holy sites following instructions of Haj Minister Bandar Hajjar.
Pilgrims ascend to Mina as per a plan that guarantees all pilgrims who want to spend the night there are able to do so easily and without delays. The buses transporting them are provided with guides who will deliver the pilgrims to their camps.
Marwan Zubaidi, the syndicate’s secretary-general and spokesman, said the shuttle bus servicecovers 563,000 pilgrims from Turkey, Europe, southeastern Asia, non-Arab Africa and Iran. The regular bus service serves South Asian and Arab pilgrims that number 750,000.
About 500 buses are stationed in Arafat to assist in case of delays.

Source Medeshi