Somaliland: A Turkish strategic move in the Horn of Africa

silanyo and erodgon


The people of Somaliland wholeheartedly welcomes the pragmatic  leadership  played by the Turkish government in the international arena. Invitation of the president of the Republic of Somaliland is a testament to Turkish in-depth knowledge and foresight in current dynamics of international geopolitics.

Somaliland is strategically located in the African gateway and at the Southern shores of the Red Sea – one of the busiest waterways around the world. The geographic location of Somaliland has both uncontested commercial and defense strategies.

Somaliland has a close proximity to the Gulf region -the major source of world energy. Not only that, but Somaliland is bordered by Ethiopia to the west and Somalia to the south.  Like many other African countries, Ethiopia is a landlocked country with a  population of 90 million.

 Economically speaking,  Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa. Moreover, Ethiopia  uses the port of Berbera and Djibouti for its imports and exports.

 Somaliland has the advantage of becoming an important international sea  and air traffic hub. Thus, a close relationship with Somaliland  will give Turkey an extra ordinary commercial and geopolitical leverage  in the African continent.

Somaliland is a stable, democratic country with young, educated and entrepreneurial population. More importantly, as the Somaliland President put it “Somaliland is open for business”.

Unlike other countries in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland was once a part of the Ottoman Empire and Somalilanders are grateful for the great and historic Turkish contributions to Somaliland development – the water system in Berbera,the Berbera lighthouse and many mosques still remain as Turkish foot prints in Somaliland.

 Indeed, the people of Somaliland cherish the meaningful connections between our peoples and welcome further brotherly  and strategic cooperation with Turkey.

By:Yusuf Dirir Ali,MD