International Recognition Impossibler For Tribal Divided Societies

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

International Recognition Impossibler For Tribal Divided Societies


When society is not divided, the best candidate in view of performance is likely to be elected. A typical example for such evidence is the election of Obama, which demonstrated to the world that the system of democracy in the United States did not keep the US locked into an imperialist model — the people can speak and elect someone from a minority who has a more balanced view of how the US can work with the world (rather than abuse its power).

The policies of George have damaged the image of USA in worldwide and particularly in the Arab world. Whereas Obama’s Presidency has restored faith that the US system of government (and thereby democracy in general) can self correct to choose better courses of action. President Barack Hussein Obama is the first generation from a Kenyan father. Despite of this back ground, almost more than half from a population over 300 millions have elected him. Even though possible there could be other factors, which I am unaware, however, I am in the opinion that, the American people have selected the best choice.

Commenting my subject concern, I have a number of explanations that made to believe that any international recognition is still far remote and not yet seasoned. Please read the following information, which I have, all its evidences and possibly shares similar information or even more.

1. Our former president Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, which elected him 1993, was the co-chair person for the first Somali conference held in Djibouti whereby Ali Madi was elected as the first Somali president and Omar Arteh Ghaib was nominated as prime minster. The participation two significant personalities originated Somali-land has made a revolting impact for Somaliland, since two important from us, which one of them was involved of the election for the first Somali president after the fall of Siyad regime in 1991.

2. President Mohamed Ibrahim egal had inquired through US Admiral Howe at the time of UNSOM in southern the possibility that he can stand as president in united Somalia, but the US had turned down that request.

3. At the time UNSOM in southern Somalia, leading Somaliland SNM Colonels (The Red flag) calan-cas in Somali established contacts with the late general Aideed and informed that, they have no objection with federalism based government had Aideed stop cooperating with other Abdirahm tour (the chairman of SNM), who was in Mogadishu on those days.

4. A prominent personality in Somali-land, who was later become president was in regular contact at the time Ali Mahdi was president of Somalia and he informed him his acceptance of forming central government with him, if he will not cooperate with Abdirahman Tour (The ex-chairman of SNM)

5. During a visit to Egypt by the former president Egal, he was interviewed by Al-Hayat newspaper, daily Arabic newspaper on February 6, 1999 and said that Somali-land did not seek separation, but waiting for nine years for our brothers in the south to form strong central government with which we can negotiate with them a new basis of unity. Please refer this newspaper for the above date for substantiation.

6. President Egal attempted participating Somali peace conference in 2002 at Arta representing Somaliland, but failed winning the diplomatic battle in view of strong opposition by prominent personalities originated from Somaliland. His participation was hindrance that he should participate representing himself. This is conference by declaration and the formation of the Transitional National Government (TNG), the first Somali government since 1991 to secure a measure of international recognition, enabling Somalia to reoccupy its seat at the UN and in regional bodies.

7.SNM officials difference. There was immense political difference with SNM officials prior liberating the country, which is politically active. Some of them are financial sound whereas plenty of these officials are not even able feeding only themselves. In the absences of these inequality unity is distant.

8.President Egal tried isolating patriotically some prominent personalities originated from somaliland and as reprisal, these personalities responded Egal which later on weaken his position. Therefore in the absences of productive reconciliation unity among somalilanders still far distant.

9. The allegation that, the south set as precondition of taking all the key positions for the government to be formed is totally false. In reality the southern politicians demanded delaying unity for six in April 1960, but the northern politicians acting under public pressure rejected outright that request.

Upon arrival in Mogadishu, the delegation from northern leading by the late Mohamed Ibrahim Egal split into two groups, one group make a coalition with politicians from south leading by the former presidents Adan Abdulla Osman and the other group made coalition with politicians from south leading by the late Abdillahi Essa Mohanoud, the first Prime Minister, who served prior to independence in the trust territory of Somali.

10. Many prominent personalities originated from Somaliland at the time of Burao consultation meeting, which later resulted re-claiming the re-independences of Somaliland informed the world community, that Burao conference was prearranged by one group of the society. This political information was published b Al-Hayat newspaper, daily Arabic newspaper in 1994.

11.. Many parts of Somali-land eastern regions have not yet fall under our administration, which made impossible facilitating elections. The declaration of Khatumo occurred in January 2012 has made external-obstacles-to our statehood. In this situation, we should establish direct negotiation with Khatumo leadership.

Egypt and Israel has entered wars with each other over many times, however, on November 19, 1977, Egyptian president Anwar Sadat emerged from a plane that had flown directly from Cairo to Ben-Gurion Airport, and stepped down onto the tarmac to shake hands with Prime Minister Menachem Begin.As the first Arab leader to set foot on Israeli soil, those are probably, save for Neil Armstrong’s first moon-walk, the most famous and momentous steps of the 20th century — if not a giant leap for mankind, certainly a huge leap of faith toward resolving the Israeli-Arab conflict.

It was Sadat’s first sudden, surprising visit to Israel that laid the groundwork for his subsequent Camp David summit with Begin and US president Jimmy Carter, at which Egypt regained control of the Sinai it had lost in the Six Day War. Therefore, why not establishing contacts with our brothers of Khatumo under any title which, they prefer to use for negotiation. Additionally, the united nations ambassador to Somalia requested from punt land administration to include females originated from Sool and Sannag regions, in their parliament, which means the ambassador consider these regions as regions of punt land even though these regions are an integral parts of Somaliland

12. The international community is acting the role of triple standard. They finance our election process; finance also the present election due to held in punt land. The UN ambassador informed punt land that, they should include their parliament to be formed a number a females originated from the regions of Sannag and Sool. In addition of above, the international community financed the constitution of Somali federal government which sanction that the government is responsible for the entire territory of ex-Somalia.

13. The former Somali-land government under the leadership president Riyale has done little for the search of international recognition during their eight years in office, which Somalia was in deep crisis. His administration were in contacts with some African countries that did have any significant role in world international affairs. we are fully that Only the western world, which we recently established contacts with them have a considerable role on world affairs and therefore a negligible achievement has made earlier than 1210 for the country.

Somali-land only established contacts with world powers in the first Somali peace conference held in London in 1212. Please read below three press statements from three countries visited by Somali-land president on different occasions (USA, Turkey an UAE).

14. (USA)Readout of Under Secretary Sherman’s Meeting with Ahmed Silanyo, President of Somali-land

Media Note

Office of the Spokesperson

Washington, DC

April 26, 2013

Yesterday, Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman met with Somali-land administration President Ahmed Silanyo. Under Secretary Sherman and President Silanyo discussed issues of mutual concern, including stability, democracy and governance, and the need to combat al-Shabaab. The United States expressed support for continued dialogue between the Government of Somalia and Somali-land authorities, as took place in Turkey on April 13. The United States reiterated its strong support for a peaceful and united Somalia. All of us fully acknowledge that Washington is only source that authorizes international recognition taken into considering the developments that took place countries like south Sudan, Eritrea, East Timor and Kosovo.

15. (Turkey) Somalia.Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo, president of Somalia’s autonomous Somali-land region, paid a visit to Ankara on Tuesday for talks with Turkish officials. A senior Turkish diplomat, who spoke to Today’s Zaman on condition of anonymity, however, stated that it would be wrong to qualify Somali-land as a separatist region. “Within Somalia there are several regions, including Somali-land, that have their own administrative structure and a president. It is claimed that Somali-land is as separatist region; however, it would be wrong to qualify it as such,” said the diplomat. Immediately upon departing by the delegation of the somaliland leading by the president, the Turkish prime minster, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on press statement informed that Somalia unity is close. This press information was published via Turkish daily newspaper called Today’s Zaman.

The diplomat maintained that Turkey is against the division of Somalia, adding that Turkey will never support a group that poses a threat to the territorial integrity of Somalia. “In order to protect the territorial integrity of the country, we are in contact with all the sides in Somalia. Due to the instability, which is caused by terrorism and poverty, in the country, there are many groups calling for division. Somali-land is the only region which has been able to free itself from the effects of instability,” said the diplomat, adding that when stability can be maintained in the country, the separatist groups will give up the idea of division.

16. UAE facilitates Somali reconciliation declaration signing on 28 June 2012. The president of Somalia’s transitional federal government Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the president of the Republic of Somali-land Ahmed Mohamed Silaanyo have signed a reconciliation declaration that paves the way for talks and cooperation among Somali parties.

The declaration was signed on the sidelines of an international counterpiracy conference in Dubai in presence of the president of Galmudug Mohamed Ahmed Alin and President of Puntland State of Somalia Abdul Rehman Mohammed Mahamoud.Facilitated by the UAE, the “Dubai Declaration” today ends 21 years of breakup among the Somali leaders. A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the role played by the UAE in the reconciliation.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, in statements following a meeting with the four Somali leaders, emphasized the support of the UAE to the people of Somalia stressing that reconciliation represents a good start towards cooperation and coordination among Somali parties to organize the internal affairs in their country, drive its prosperity and serve the interest of Somali citizens.”Singing this declaration by the Somali leaders is proof to the unity of the people of Somalia,” the minister added stressing that the UAE and Somalia are sisterly countries.

“Somalia has been suffering for a long time from several challenges and it is time for it to restore its position and for this kind of contacts to positively reflect on the country and its citizens.” For his part, president of Somalia’s transitional federal government Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said the Dubai Declaration serves as a framework for talks among Somali parties to conclude more than twenty years of breakup. He thanked the UAE for hosting the second international high-level, public private counter-piracy conference which brought together all Somali parties.

“All parties seek satisfactory solutions that could contribute to unifying all Somali citizens”, he said affirming that his government is prepared to help all parties to the declaration to implement its provisions. Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed also expressed hopes that Somalia would restore security and stability to drive growth and prosperity and achieve dignified life for its citizens.

17. We are a society divided by tribalism and that created hidden borders between societies Our political leaders often exploit tribal loyalty to advance personal gain, parochial interests. We call for to encourage nationalism, rather than tribalism for our country´s economically, in a social context, politically and the other important elements that can facilitate closing the bridge between society in an effort of minimizing tribalism. When the issue of tribalism is adequately addressed, the main cause of the conflicts will be defused.

18. The London Somalia Conference London hoisted by United Kingdom in February 1212 was positive step for Somali-land as the world community recognized that, the Somali-land government is sole representative for the of people of Somali-land and therefore we need establishing friendly relationship with the Somali federal government and avoid any hostile acts that may spoil the relationship between the two countries. Event in event that hostile statements came from the federal government, we should respond only through the diplomatic channels and not through the media, as this generates counterproductive.

19. Until now Somali-land government has not to put under table attractive package, which we could influence Somalia to win for separation as two countries. An example for such packages is the relationship between United States/ Canada, United Kingdom/ Australia.

Relations between Canada and the United States have spanned more than two centuries. This includes a shared British culture heritage, mutually-beneficial international relationships in the modern world. Each is the other’s chief economic partner and tourism and migration between the two nations has increased rapport. Although both countries are sovereign, however, they maintain a close relationship between each other. There are close cultural ties between modern day Canada and the United States, advanced by such similarities as the language as both predominantly speak English.

Meanwhile co-operation on many fronts, such as the ease of the flow of goods, services, and people across borders are to be even more extended, as well as the establishment of joint border inspection agencies, relocation of U.S. food inspectors agents to Canadian plants and vice versa, greater sharing of intelligence, and harmonizing regulations on everything from food to manufactured goods, thus further increasing the American-Canadian assemblage. We must influential tips to better negotiation.

Australian and great Brittan has also similar closest international relationships in existence, marked by shared history, culture, institutions and language, extensive people-to-people links, aligned security interests, sporting tournaments trade and investment cooperation.

20. The international community, mainly the west, the Arab world and the Islamic countries have close relationship with Somali central; government and many times have shown signals of greater Somali unity. In order to with stand against this visualization, we should close the gap of our political unity, mainly the political parties. United we stand, divided we fall and fail.


21. Somali-land did not managed until now establishing strategic interest and ties with the neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti.

22. (Political Split) There is indications of political split with regards Somali-land policy towards Somalia. It appears that, the government is in favour of punt-land administration, whereas the political parties (Acid & Wadani) are in favor of establishing close relationship with the central government to facilitate recognition. We should come with united policy to negotiate with Somalia andf not prefernce from one to another.

23. Power sharing. Somali-land is not yet recognized country and therefore, there is a need proper power sharing agreement is essential related all Somali-land to clans. What we see today is, the key governments minsters are occupied by certain clans. In the reality, we notice every time the grievance of the clans that are not equally considered, unity among societies is far distant unless true power sharing among us will be made.

24. Foreign relationship. We have not yet formed an efficient foreign ministry that consists of diplomats who served as ex-ambassadors, professionals and academicians who are the quittance of international relationships affairs. This should compose of personalities from all regions of Somaliland. One minster travelling occasionally abroad will not produce any tangible results. The ministry should not only focus in diplomacy aspects, which we have not achieved any significant importance, but also look the possibly of obtaining developments projects as an aid like schools, roads, hospitals and other essential human development dominions.In conclusion, the information documented in this article is free from any misrepresentation

Ismail lugweyne.