Al Shabaab: Ethiopia’s AMISOM involvement makes no sense

Shabab spokesman Sheik Ali Mahmoud Raghe (Sheik Ali Dhere)

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin
Saturday, January 25, 2014

Al Shabab militants fighting in Somalia have strongly reacted to the inclusion of Ethiopian forces into the African Union Peace keeping mission in the country, calling on their supporters to take up arms against what they described as the ‘enemy occupation’ in the country.


The announcement was made by Al Shabab spokesman Sheik Ali Mahmoud Raghe (Sheik Ali Dhere) whose speech was broadcasted by the group’s Al Andalus radio which operates from an unspecified place in the country.

“Ethiopia’s integration into AMISOM is not a big deal, but what makes sense is the continuation of Jihad against the allied infidels who invaded our country, so I call on the Somali people to be united for a war against the none-believers whose main aim is to subdivide the country” Sheik Ali Dhere said in his speech on Friday.

“Whether the Ethiopians wear the AMISOM dress or American or European military uniforms, infidels are always infidels and they share the same ideology—we are not fighting against Uniforms, but instead our aim is very clear and we will continue fighting them for the sake of our believes” Al Shabab’s spokesman noted.

“The none-believers, the enemies of Islam are intending to divide the country into small parts each controlled by either of them in a bid to be able to misguide the Muslim people of Somalia from their faith” he said.

He threatened that his group will intensify its operations and will in particularly launch what he called ‘systematic’ attacks on the bases of the Ethiopian forces who joined the AU peacekeeping mission in the country this week.

Source Hiiraan