After all, why should the mercenaries not to congratulate the newly appointed Prime Minister and Ministers of “Dir clan”

After all, why should the mercenaries not to congratulate the newly appointed Prime Minister and Ministers of “Dir clan”


            Congratulations or infinite condemnation, the motive still unclear photo P.A


I spent much of my free time these days watching news analysis on television by the best in the business around the world.  It’s been that way for years but for close to almost one month due to breaking news first aired on TV called Horn cable, Kalsan, Somali channel etc.  The rumour started like storm knowing full well  how decent Dir (surre) people feel about such things the mercineries have spent for the last year seeking to conceal its real nature behind a new  front smooth.  I know that alot of people have been fooled by this and I know why because this is perfect legitimate question to ask,  because this is undeniable their is no “unity” among us, and sadl,y some people they think that this group must be on their side.  Unfortunately, for them, this team is no body’s side but it’s own, it seeks nothing else but “cash”, infact they are no fit to run community carers let alone small party

there was a smear of campaign defending of the” Dir clan” in attempt to fill full their primary intention an intention that I can only describe stupendously ambitious- broad brush condemnations, simplistic argument, behind the scenes political deal making, deployment of victims or rather mercenaries the list is endless, had they achieved their goals by wearing traditional style gray caps, red scarf, or perhaps black suit. If It cared about Dir Clan and wanted real change  it would surely send their congratulation.  Those reassured the merceneries group’s salesmanship should realise its exactly that, don’t take my word for it take the merseneries . Pocket and belly’s celebrity supporters reacted calm and characteristically measured fashion.  A premeditating and  insisting that they have a duty to protect but not a moral duty of contribution or wholeheartedly congratulating the new prime minister Mr Abdiweli Shiekh as well as minister of culture and education.  More people than ever across the globe now realise that their motive is seeking oppurtunitities of grasping easy money, Perhaps but not this time.

A curious case: It emerged these two are no longer allay, their raw is deepening.


For the practical purposes, it seems to me that this group they run their own work-shop called “culture interest” but as for ever, we have our own “genetic interst” and thats were we disagree respectively.  Of course, there are concerns about intellectual and moral quality

But I  was totally against this revulsion primarily,  I feel forever grateful to my people  who are “Surre”because this is the factors which I am proud of, till the day due – true colour  proved by DNA, and never  suffered lack of belonging in the living memory,  it was all a tale told by idiot full of sound of furry but signifying nothing, if you ask me, I knew in day one, who was orchestrators of this project and who was the main architect but sadly, a lot of fellow brothers/ sisters were against my objection. All Surre (Qubeys) people now know that the above people who conveniently claim “Sultan”were other than nothing but premeditated Sultan.  Undoubtedly this will be terminating for their dubious means of making money and cheating people, these events have raised a major concerns in my mind

  1. A gentleman called Habil Haybe was a known fraudster for a very long time and there is evidence on public forum this is the man on top corner right hand holding microphone.

  2. As we all know Qubeys was fought our neighbours Habar-gidir( Suleebaan clan) in last year and this was dealt in peace manner for both sides,  in a same token,

Fiqi  Muxumad and Mareexaan there was a bitter fight yet, was concluded in peaceful way where were they these people? and why would we not seen in public arena, I prefer to call “non surre”


Fake sultans, Non natives of surre, have a common agenda,  who was funding, some may or may not agree with above clowns, this will obviously  blown back who ever funded  dangerously.  No doubt that mercenary’s bandwagon will be good circus entertainment. The investigation has not finished yet, .