Ethiopia is neither suited to promoting peace in Somalia nor interested in fighting of Al-shabab.


t’s a dark day for Somalia and her people Ethiopia massacres thousands of Somali people. They rape and torture on innocent people. They occupy our land in the region of Ogaden. Sadly, Somali politicians are prepared to bow down and kiss their backsides. Remamber the death of the dictator Malas Zenawi? The Somali politicians were crying at his funeral. They did not show the respect and dignity to the Somali people who are dying, yet they were prepared to go to the funeral of the prime minister of the enemy? They are a disgrace to our nation and because of them Somali blood is dirt cheap. Unless we educate, we cannot have peace in Somalia. Somali soldiers are being paid pennies and each Ethiopian soldiers will be paid $1500 a month + bonus and the government are expecting Somali troops to protect the country when they are being paid $50 a month and $20 for food. The moral of the Somali soldiers is at an all time low and they are ill equipped and they do not have enough fire power to fight al shabab who wish to do us all harm. 

Ethiopia deploys hundreds of troops to Somalia
Dec 31, 2013 | By Somalicurrent
Ethiopia government has deployed hundreds of new troops in Somalia to eliminate al-Shabab from Bay and Bakol regions, officials said on Tuesday.

The troops have today arrived in Baidoa town, the provincial capital of Bay region, establishing a new military bases in the city.

Deputy Governor of Bay Region Shine Moalim Nurow told local media that the Ethiopian troops will assist the government’s plans to root out al-Qaeda linked group, al-Shabab.

Nurow did not provide additional information, but Somali Current Sources say Ethiopian Troops are willing to flash al-Shabab out of Bay and Bakol regions in the first weeks of the New Year.

Reconciliation conference is underway in Baidoa and local elders are expected to form a new regional administration that will rule three regions including Lower Shabelle, Bay and Bakol.

Unknown number of Ethiopian troops was in Somalia over the last three years and Addis Ababa officials said earlier that the troops would only be deployed for a period of time.

Abdihafid Mahamud London