Rising Islamophobic hate crimes.”

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Anti-Muslim Attacks Soar In Cambridge
On Islam, 20/01/2014
Anti-Muslim hate crimes in Cambridgeshire have ‘tremendously increased’ after Woolwich attack last May, On Islam reports. Julian Huppert, Cambridge MP told Cambridge News that “These are disturbing figures relating to despicable crimes often driven by no other motive than the fact that the victim has different religious beliefs or a different colour skin.”
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Times Interview With Tom Winsor, HM Chief Inspector Of Constabulary And MCB’s Comment
The Muslim Council of Britain, 20/01/2014
The Muslim Council of Britain has sent a comment to Sean O’Neill at The Times on Friday 17th January 2014 in relation to the interview carried out with Tom Winsor, HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary (for the article ‘Police Fear Inner Cities Take Law into Own Hands’). The statement says: “We do not recognise the picture painted, certainly there is no religious reason for communities to police themselves. The civil law of the land is paramount and to suggest ‘Shariah courts’ are the reason for communities supposedly policing themselves is absurd.   We all rely on the police to protect our communities and this can be only done through full cooperation and partnership. Cooperation is particularly important for Muslim communities who have experienced a rise  Islamophobic  hate crimes.
Abdihafid Jamal