During November 2012, Fawzia Haji Adan was appointed as the first woman to become Deputy Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister of Somalia. Fawzia didn’t only break the taboo; she also showed a great ability to put back the war torn country Somalia on the map. Albeit people have a dissimilar perspective about her performance and might get frustrated about her habitual, but this lady never subsided her performance on Somalia’s political podium. She always wants the progress of Somalia and every Somali must support her enormous efforts and her political ambition during the upcoming years. Fawzia is always ready to challenge for her foe and spray the maggots out of her way. Fawzia has mastered in Somalia’s politics and she is also in position to become first female president of Somalia in 2016.

 Mogadishu city swamped by Somali Diasporas. Everyone now has their own interest in mind. Statistics shows that most Diasporas were looking for political opportunities, and some of them had business opportunities in mind. Not for Hussein Shire Jama ( Cayaar Jecel ). Hussein who is the Somali music star and the member of Qayladhaan Band arrived in Mogadishu wearing a Military uniform. As soon as he got off the plane, Hussein kissed the ground, and praised to Allah for bring him back to his country after a long time. When Hussein was given an interview by the local media, he has mentioned that the only reason he came to Mogadishu is to fight with Al-Qaida. While Hussein was in Mogadishu, he visited the Military compound where he sang the spiritual song to boost the military morale. The song touched all their hearts deeply. Unexpectedly, one of the soldiers fainted and was taken to the hospital for further treatment. The Qeyladhan Band became famous when Al-Qaida attacked Shamo Hotel and killed many innocent students, teachers, doctors, and leaders. Qeyladhan released a song named Qaylodhan which touched the hearts of many Somalis.  All in all, Hussein’s journey was based on moral boost to Somali military so they can continue to fight terrorist groups.


 Dr. Hawa Abdi is a Somali Human Rights activists and a Physician. She is the founder and Chairperson of the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF). Hawa Abdi has built a camp in her own property which houses as many as 90,000 people. She has been providing them with education, health care, shelter, and food for 23 years. In 2010, a group of Militiamen attacked Dr. Hawa’s internally displaced persons camp. They destroyed the camp and she was held under house arrest for a period of two weeks. This attack didn’t stop her at all . Instead, it encouraged her to help for the needed people. Dr. Hawa became known as Mama Hawa for her generosity.In 2012 Vital Voices (Global Partnership) announced Dr. Hawa Abdi and her two daughters to become nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize. Moreover, Mama Hawa’s moving memoir, “Keeping Hope Alive, One Women” was released. On April, 2013, Hawa was touring across North America with her daughter Deqo, and co-author Sarah J. Robbins. Hawa Abdi continues to operate her aid organization until today. According to United Nation Security Council report on July 2013, most Somali Aid Organizations run remotely. “Despite improved access in certain areas of the country, accesses to vulnerable civilians remain a challenge for the humanitarian community. All parties in Somalia continue to obstruct the provision of humanitarian assistance. Al-Shabaab maintained and expanded its ban on most aid agencies in areas under its control. While all actors in Somalia subjected humanitarian organizations to taxation, illegal roadblocks, intimidation and extortion. Moreover, as a consequence of both remote Management by aid agencies in Nairobi and the culture of “gatekeepers”, diversion of humanitarian assistance by third parties as well as by staff and partners of aid organizations, continues to undermine international efforts”.

 During 2013, Hibo Mohamed Hudoon (Hiba Nura) which is Somalia’s music legend travelled to Mogadishu. Her historic expedition was not only to show her devotion and loyalty to her country, but to also encourage other citizens to travel to Mogadishu. While Hibo was in Mogadishu, she attended many events including an Eid al Fitr party. She also met many leaders as well. Hibo Nura was thrilling and broke tears when she landed at the Airport. The music legend was overwhelmed by the warm welcoming she got from her music friends. Standing as the only Somali music legend who recorded both love and national albums, one of her famous song named (Ma’ogtihiin Magaalada Muqdishaynu Joognaa) played during her arrival time at the Mogadishu Airport.

Mahamud Haji Elmi (Qooje )